What Could McCabe Know? Who Could He ‘Burn’?

It’s been reported that Andrew McCabe has said that if he doesn’t get his pension he will “torch” the FBI!

Whether that is true or not is unknown. But if it is, what I suspect he means is, if he is fired, and loses his pension, he will burn everybody he can!

But what could he know? Let’s think about that.

Andrew McCabe was made the #2 man in the FBI by FBI Director James Comey. He occupied the same position of trust and confidence that Clyde Tolson had with J. Edgar Hoover. You may recall that Tolson became “deep throat” when Hoover died and L. Patrick Gray got Hoover’s job, instead of Tolson.

As #2 man, McCabe should have been Comey’s most trusted confidant and been aware of everything Comey had going. He would have met with top executives of the NSA, CIA, Military Intelligence, the Attorney General.

That means he met with James Clapper, John O. Brennan, Susan Rice, AG Loretta Lynch, AG Eric Holder, DAG Rod Rosenstein. He may have even conspired with Comey, Rosenstein and Bob Mueller on how to get Mueller involved after Comey was fired – to “get Trump” for firing Comey – a vendetta of sorts. So they first tried to get Mueller appointed as the FBI Director again, but Trump isn’t as stupid as they thought.

Comey , Rosenstein and Mueller must have thought Trump is as dumb as them! President Trump must have said, “Gee, thanks Bob, but if I want to commit suicide, I’ll give you a call”.

So they put plan “B” in place, the next freaking day! Comey would leak info they believed would cause a Special Prosecutor being appointed by none other than Rosenstein!

Isn’t that exactly what Comey said he did, and exactly what happened? C’mon Mr. Sessions, what does it take, a brick to your head?

McCabe can “burn” all those who have been involved in the numerous FISA court abuses. He probably knows details on the Lynch/Bill Clinton, tarmac meeting. He withheld evidence from the search of Huma Abedin’s computer and house for three weeks (evidence tampering). Why?

He broke FBI rules and regulations for criminal investigations to soften the Clinton email investigation and the classified document illegal destruction, disclosure case, which is much bigger than any media has yet reported. That case is so significant that if there weren’t so many other major crimes committed by Obama staffers, the server case could have been one of the biggest scandal in our country’s history.

But the FISA court abuses, the obstruction of justice committed by FBI personnel, and the obstruction of justice committed by Rosenstein, Ohr and Bob Mueller, just to get even with our elected president, will likely overshadow all the rest and McCabe can hand up all of that and much more!

So, pray tell, Mr. Recused AG Sessions, isn’t it worth jamming up McCabe [simply by firing him] in order to get him to cut a deal, to get everyone, possibly up to and including former President Obama, the person who started the FISA court abuses?

I’ll tell you something else: There isn’t any agency I would trust to do the investigation except the FBI. They will crucify all those involved, especially their own!