Fifty one years ago today, I took an oath to protect, defend, preserve the Constitution, and to enforce the laws of the United States. I assume FBI Agents McCabe, Strzok, Page, Director Comey, and the others involved in Obstructing Justice in a Prosecutorial FBI Investigation, Conspiring to Obstruct Justice, Conspiring to Commit Treason, Committing Treason, Hobbs Act-Political Corruption, Perjury and numerous other crimes against the US…all took the same oath.

When someone who swore to enforce the laws of the US lies, under oath, to Congress, it’s not quite the same as Martha Stewart lying to James Comey, then US Attorney, about insider trading or whatever Papadopoulos is accused of lying about to the FBI. It’s not the same for VERY big reasons.  These former FBI people were not lying about nonsubstantive, minor, illegal criminal acts…these heroes lied to control a Presidential election and remove a duly elected President!

They interfered in a Presidential election. They attempted to  overthrow a legal, Presidential election, and overthrow our Rule of Law to insure that they retained their high paying jobs and power, and they did it with the assistance of Foreign Agents Christopher Steele and his Russian sources. They attempted to insure that Hillary Clinton, specifically, won the Presidential election, and when their plans failed, they tried to remove a duly elected president!

In my opinion, they likely conspired with members of Congress to illegally attempt to remove this President by “Weaponizing” Congress, in an all-out, desperate, last attempt at removal by impeachment with anonymous, second hand information, no evidence, and denying this President his Constitutional Rights (6th Amendment) to Due Process. Specifically, denied the rights to confront witnesses against him, legal representation, and being able to present his own witnesses.

Funny…but that’s precisely how Socialist, Islamic Sharia Law works…ask Omar…she knows!

One of the most respected legal scholars on Constitutional law, Alan Dershowitz, said, “If Congress votes to Impeach on the evidence they put forth, it will be a violation of the Constitution, and illegal”.

They did, and it was, no matter what Senator Schumer wants to believe and claim!

So we all must realize that when the press claims, or James Comey and Andy McCabe, claim they have been “cleared”…it’s not quite true. DOJ decided “not to prosecute” on a very, small part of the bigger picture…they are far from out of the dog house.

Hopefully, AG Barr will smarten up and not present ANYTHING more to the “swamp” District…WDC. The DC District makes the 9th Circuit look Conservative…I guess Mr. Barr doesn’t know that!