Executive Oder #12968, 2.1(b)4, gives the CEO, the authority to grant and revoke clearance for access to confidential information. The Chief Executive Officer is President Trump…no further debate!

When the President believes there is no value to the United States for anyone to retain their clearance, except for personal gain or interfering with Foreign Affairs of the US or if the President believes a retiree is abusing their access, he can and should revoke that clearance.

In fact, the President could, by another executive order, automatically revoke the clearance of all former government employees, when they leave government service and order that they must petition the President if they believe their continued clearance is essential to the United States, which I personally believe is the way it should be. Why does Hillary Clinton or Bill or Hussein Obama or John Kerry or Brennan or Clapper need clearance for access to classified information?

The President can allow it on a case by case basis and solve a whole lot of problems.

The only reason most want to retain their clearance is that they can put it on their resume, to get high paying jobs with News Medias, so they can use that valuable resource to their personal benefit and at the risk to the US! Why allow it? If the President wants a retiring employee to keep it as the President feels that individual will provide advice to the Office of the President, then grant the continuation…otherwise revoke all!

The President should revoke ANY clearance Congressman Schiff has been granted!

Congressmen do not automatically receive Secret Clearances and those who do receive clearance and then either lie or leak or lie about leaking ANY information, prove themselves to be untrustworthy and must have their clearance revoked.

Congressman Schiff has proven repeatedly that he cannot be trusted not to leak anything that should not be leaked…enough is enough…stop Schiff from being a lose gun and putting our Nation’s security into his untrustworthy hands!

That would also remove him from any Committees requiring clearance. Let him go to court, he has no standing. His clearance depends on the CEO which is NOT Nancy, tear it up, Pelosi!

This is not a political game, that people like Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff play…this is the Security of America that these people use like a pawn in a game of chess. Put a stop to it by revoking Security Clearance, that will also keep these untrustworthy elected officials out of secret conferences at the White House.

When the President has reason to believe that someone has leaked info…put them on the box (lie detector) …if they refuse then revoke…simple!

If the President believes John Kerry and Sen Murphy should not have traveled to Iran and met with government officials, revoke their clearances and CHARGE THEM with the Logan Act violations …don’t just talk about it…do it, Mr. President, you are the Chief Lawman, tell Barr to do it!!

Pass an EO now, retroactive to all former employees, to cancel all (including former Presidents) clearances immediately unless the current President believes it should be continued, on an individual basis.