These are excerpts from columns dated back to 7-14-18 …I wrote…“It didn’t take me long to figure out what exactly Peter Strzok is made out of, what his motives were and why he did what he did. All I did was watch him and listen to what he said.

About two years prior, (that’s 2016 !) when I first started getting bits and pieces of the Clinton investigations, personal email server, and email cases, I could not believe the inept, unprofessional way the investigation was being conducted. I wrote numerous columns for the Niagara Falls Reporter stating that these cases were being run by someone who either has no criminal experience, or is intentionally trying to sabotage the cases, noting the granting of immunity to subjects without a sitting Grand Jury (or GJ) testimony, the lack of search warrants on Clinton staff members whose emails demanded searches into personal computers (REMEMBER WHAT THEY LATER FOUND ON HUMA ABEDIN’S, EX-CON, HUSBAND’S COMPUTER?) and “hard” interviews, subpoenas that were ignored by the freaking person who set up the entire personal email offsite computer —WITH NO RECOURSE! —and, many other blatant protocol lapses. Without any idea who was directing the Clinton cases, I never heard the names Strzok or McCabe, but knew that something was extremely amiss!

About Peter Strzok, I know as much about him as you do, and that is almost nothing, except that I know what he should have done and should not have done, as an FBI Agent.

In my opinion, Peter Strzok never worked any criminal cases of substance and probably never brought a violent criminal case from unsolved to solved with arrests, search warrants, arrest warrants, Grand Jury, hearings, discovery, forensic evidence examination, trial, convictions and sentence — all the things that go to teach an Agent that you can’t create evidence, hide evidence, “salt” interviews, withhold critical information in an affidavit for ANY search and seizure, or overhear warrant applications, interview subjects in front of other subjects and attorneys and witnesses! NO criminal FBI Agent would do the corrupt things Strzok did, nor would an experienced agent do what he did even if ordered by a higher authority.

In my opinion, Peter Strzok fabricated a Russian Counter Intelligence Investigation, misled the FISA Court, obtained overhear warrants on a US private Citizen without sufficient probable cause to obtain a legal wire tap warrant and did his best, as a sworn official of the highest law enforcement agency in the country, to sabotage a presidential election and taint the biggest criminal investigation of an U.S. Official in U.S. history, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The evidence against him is overwhelming. Hillary Clinton “bought” the DNC, nine months BEFORE the Democrat National Convention, and, by a signed contract, took total and complete control of all the money collected by the DNC and complete control of the spending thereof!

More from 2018…Strzok says he was the Number One FBI Agent in charge of Foreign Counter Intelligence in the United States for the FBI and supervised every counter intelligence investigation in the FBI. That, folks, is a very scary thought because this guy had the time to send some 30-50,000 texts in a year, or over 600 per week, or 120 per day, with many of them personal, and sent to and from his lover Lisa Page. He also says he was lead Agent on both the Clinton email case AND the Collusion case until Mueller fired him. I believe that Strzok did initiate the Carter Page, Russian collusion investigation and was instrumental in the FISA court warrants.

I can tell you from my experience, Peter Strzok  (or 007 as I think he believes he is) could not possibly supervise the nation’s counter intelligence cases, the Hillary email cases, the Russian Carter Page case when, as an Agent, he couldn’t find his own ass with his own two hands. A first office agent could have “made” the email case. It is a prima facie case, dripping with paper trails!

He intentionally kept Hillary’s name out of the case Title as the Subject. I’d like to know how the hell he managed to do that! Strzok sabotaged the Clinton case, no doubt!

Now, here we have a brand new FBI Director (Wray) who knows nothing about this FBI, from within, except for what those around him tell him. Who were they, McCabe and Strzok and those hired by Strzok and McCabe? Sure, McCabe was fired, but not by Wray! Why not? Why the hell wasn’t Strzok fired? Why do some of these people still have security clearances?

Also from July 2018… “Here we sit, after Congressional Investigations by committee, half-ass investigations by corrupt FBI top executives under the guise of official FBI Criminal Investigations, , Investigations by a Special Prosecutor  Mueller, investigations by the IG, Horowitz, Investigations by the Senate Intelligence Committee, and what do we have …nothing! Just what we predicted!.

I will repeat myself until the President acts. There is only one way to resolve all these complex, criminal cases and that is by full blown FBI investigations, led by FBI Field Offices, experienced criminal Agents and committed AUSA’s…period! There are no other ways to prosecute the likes of Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Rod Rosenstein, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and on and on.

You must have Grand Jury Subpoena power, a legit criminal violation of substance and committed Agents. We have all of the above…but no leadership.

The FISA court debacle is the substantive violation that opens the doors to everything. If the President can satisfy himself by examining the FISA court documents himself, that the FISA courts were illegally mislead, deceived or otherwise maneuvered into issuing wiretaps on US Citizen Carter Page or anyone else, he has the full power to order FBI Director Wray and AG Sessions to open criminal cases on all the aforementioned DOJ employees who were involved.

The cases are easy to prove. The paper trail is voluminous. None of the FISA court Judges will lie like Brennan, Clapper, Powers, Clinton, Strzok, et al. did. The Judges  have nothing to hide! They were victims…used and abused by Obama and his black ops band of liars, cheats and thieves, in my opinion.

Good Agents will have all of those tough guys involved, like Brennan and Clapper, peeing their pants trying to “make a deal” when they realize that real lawmen are knocking on their doors, searching their underwear drawers and the jig is up!

The penalties for violating Citizen’s Civil Rights are substantial and carry both civil, as well as, criminal penalties, and treason carries capital punishment…DEATH…are you listening Brennan? You could meet Allah sooner than you think!

Once the President is convinced that these “people” used and abused the FISA courts to wire tap hundreds of innocent Americans, he has no choice but to act. If Sessions or anyone else refuses, fire them on the spot and name temporary replacements and move forward, but stop allowing all this fumbling around…nothing is being accomplished and statutes of limitation are running out!

No IG, no Special Prosecutor, no Congressional Intelligence Committee, no Senate or other Intelligence committee will accomplish ANYTHING! They have all shown us that much.

An FBI Investigation is the only way and tell Chris Wray to stay out of the way! I am sick and tired of him trying to show how loyal he is to a “lost cause”. Give it up Mr. Director…the FBI has been the best law enforcement Agency in the world but needs “fixing”, not Bull Shit praising and protection. James Comey screwed the FBI into the ground with his corrupt actions and 007 wannabe Agents who followed him blindly.

It’s time to fix the FBI, Mr. Director (Wray), and not try to protect it! Give up what Congress wants unless you are willing to open the cases the President must order you to open! The FBI doesn’t need a “protector” it needs a “J Edgar Hoover” ass kicking to rid itself of the garbage Agents it cultured under James Comey and bring these corrupt current and former politicians, FBI Agents, DOJ prosecutors to Justice.”(End of quotes from columns years ago)!

So Mr. Attorney General Barr…how about it? Here we are years later and nothing…nobody has been indicted or convicted, except innocent people, like General Flynn AND …an innocent President has been impeached… all because of the non-existent actions of the Attorney Generals and their DOJs…Sessions and now you!

Sessions did nothing, and I know he read my columns. Fact is …I urged the President to fire McCabe before his 50th birth date to toll his $140,000 per year pension until he turned 65. That’s quite a fine…$2.1 million dollars…much worse than he would get if convicted. I recommended “that” in order to flip McCabe as he would give up Comey…Comey would have given up both AG Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein and the prize, Hussein Obama, himself! What did Sessions do…? Nothing! A deal could have included the President returning the pension!

So you have seen for yourself, Mr. Attorney General Barr, how they created evidence, conspired to convict General Flynn and many others…to get the President…and how unbelievably corrupt Comey, McCabe, and Strzok are.

No FBI Agents I ever knew or YOU ever knew, would have EVER created the cases these heroes created, sabotaged, obstructed and why? To defeat a presidential candidate, and when that failed, to impeach to unseat him, the “insurance policy”, the phony Russia probe…that’s what Strzok created…all under James Comey’s and McCabes’ directions!!

If that isn’t a whole box full of crimes (Treason?) Mr. AG…what the hell is? Get these criminals before the Grand Jury… Mr. AG, act, NOW!