Dear “Andrelina” Cuomo,

Man up and drop your purse! Quit blaming someone else for your ineptness!

President Trump had nothing to do with your BILLIONS of dollars debt service that you created for New York by a “pay for votes with Welfare” scheme. Invite more freeloaders to New York who can’t read or write but will add to your voting base for welfare bucks! Great idea!

We realize that you are scheming ways to steal money from the “pandemic” to pay that debt off!

We, the people of “upstate” NY, which is everybody except the “District” of New York (all 5 boroughs)…cannot take the way you take away money from upstate to support your “habit” …NYC! It’s your ego fix…worse than heroin. With you…nothing else matters.

You claimed you “forgot” to include in the Seneca casino renewal contract the 25% cut for New Yorkers, a part of which belongs to Niagara Falls, and we desperately need to make up for the tax dollars the Casino cost us…hundreds of millions of dollars. Sorry gov but only a moron could “forget” something like that…and if that isn’t a confession for Criminal Negligence…what is?

You take our tax base away as if it’s a candy tree that your Daddy left you to take as much as you can…which you have done!

We lost the taxes on the acreage around the Casino, as well as the land the Casino  s_its on.  We lost the millions per year the Casino paid us (again, thanks to you) as well as the taxes the Mom and Pop services; from gas stations, restaurants, and motels …paid! They are gone to the Casino and gas stations, restaurants, and motels that the Seneca’s had agreed they wouldn’t do!

You allowed “big bird” to make NYC a sanctuary city thereby allowing disease riddled, illegal, aliens with, in the least, compromised immune systems and immunization  issues, to add to the drug riddled street people and then wonder why so many are infected and dying from a heretofore unknown disease!?

You whine like the little girl you are, to get 40,000 ventilators because “people are dying”…you cried, forgetting that, just 5 short years before, you turned down 16,000 ventilators the Government offered you…just in case we had a PANDEMIC! That’s count 2, for Felony Moron!

Then we learn…you just wanted to discredit our President because you really didn’t need them, and in FACT, you have 4,000 sitting, unused, in a warehouse. Your response to a legit question from the press … “Why are they in a warehouse if you needed 40,000”? You responded, “Because that’s where they belong until needed”?!

What was more important to you for those funds… AOC’s, impossible to do, Green New Deal?! Count 3 for Felony Moron!

Listen “Andrelina” ..let me put your little girl mind at ease.  The world isn’t going to end in 10 more years; we will never stop using fossil fuel; airplanes will never be powered by rubber bands, batteries, nor solar panels, but there is some bad news.  Please don’t cry…I’m afraid… there is no tooth fairy to pay your debt.  You’ll have to scheme another way!

Maybe you should do a “Joe Biden” deal and extort some money from another State…or get into your stimulus funds…then THIS President WILL put your ass in jail…where you belong!

We recently learned that you directed all the Western NY orders for Hydroxychloroquine to be directed …not to New York City…but directly to YOU…King Cuomo. Is that true?

Are all your family members on one pill a day for prophylactic purposes? Except, of course, your infected brother …by the way did he pass the disease on to your Mom when he irresponsibly had a visit with her while he was infected? I certainly hope not. I guess there is at least one Cuomo who’s even dumber than you.

I really hope you do put an end to your “Schumer –like” political career by quitting the governor part time job and running and losing the Presidential election (which you would do).  We are looking forward to being done with you, once and for all!