Black Lives Matter? Like hell they do! Blacks couldn’t care less about other blacks and statistics prove it…stats don’t lie…people lie!

Looking at website after website, they all show the same things…blacks commit the crimes on other blacks and whites are mostly responsible for most crimes on whites. Black people commit a higher percentage of crimes on whites than whites do to blacks.

Fact…Some 95% plus of the criminals, who are incarcerated, are either Black or Illegal Aliens.

Fact…Over 80% of all Black children are raised by single parents…you figure out which parent!

Now, the Radical left…let’s call them what they are…Marxists, Obama Socialists, Communists, take your pick, are coming out of the closets and making their move…big time!

What does that have to do with BLM or ANTIFA? It has to do with the overall plan to destroy your Constitutional Republic, and jam Socialism down our throats!

Problem is… many are too ignorant to understand what’s happening…

Socialism is where there is no personal ownership of business, except for those close to the Rulers. They are called Oligarchs.

In this new America that Hussein Obama is forming…the Rulers (him and his friends) will decide what Rights you will have as there will be NO Constitution, no Equal Rights, no “right to bear arms”, no Free Speech, no Freedom of Religion as State and Church will be ONE…Islam… only he decides who gets what jobs, who gets what house, Rights, food, transportation …he will decide everything!

Every single thing Obama is doing, through his puppet Howdy Doody Obiden, is aimed at destroying our Republic! To “change America” is to “Destroy America”, in furtherance of his cause…Islam… all of which is Sedition, Treason, Espionage. Obama has committed every crime a former public office holder could possible commit against the Office that took him from a Net Worth of $250,000 to $10+ million in 8 years…Barack Hussein Obama…I got your number Hussein!

If you disagree… I want you to put pen to paper and write down all the good things that have happened to America by closing the construction/operation of the Keystone pipeline. Then write how reducing “Oil Production” has benefited our economy. Explain how reducing coal, fossil fuel use has benefited ANYTHING and start with the production of  power plants that were coal fired…which WAS 45% of our power production. That was reduced to 15 coal plants by Obama! Explain how that helped relieve the power loss to millions in Texas a few months ago! Explain how Wind and Solar came through in the Texas debacle!

Then do the same for “opening the Border”. Then explain how rejoining the Paris Accord will help America. While you’re at it, include the WHO, World Health Organization…how valuable they were in fighting CHINA 19.

Open Borders, free everything…cell phones, money, food, housing…all elements of communism. How many times do you have to be slapped across the face by Obama before you wake up and smell the BS? How Many?

Soon, Comrade, if you don’t get rid of those “leaders” who are spending us into oblivion, releasing prisoners so that they can vote and kill our children while they wait…your children will be wearing Burqas and praising Allah, or in their graves!

Why do you think they want the schools closed? They are up to no good behind your backs…that’s why! They are ridding the schools of the old books, curriculums, pictures of Freedom Fighters…like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and replacing them with…? You had better get off your asses, parents, and get involved, see what the NEW school books from which they will be teaching…which form of Socialism…Marxism, Islam, Communism…which would you prefer?

Some people really amaze me, they really do. China’s Wuhan, houses labs that irrefutably were “working” with, weaponizing, a very dangerous Covid-19 virus. People who worked in the lab. .as scientists, escaped and obtained asylum in your country. They tell stories on how they helped to create that weapon, how it was weaponized, how those who questioned anything were killed…and this “president” is going to “start” to look into where Covid-19 originated?!

This president (with a small “p”), out of pure disrespect for him, and NOT the office… couldn’t find his own ass with his own two hands and while he’s looking, he wants us to believe (from President Harry Truman), “you can pick up a piece of shit from the clean end and not get your fingers dirty”.

Let convicted criminals, like Herman Bell, out of jail, allow arson, looting, armed assaults…then wonder why crime is so bad…blame Trump. Allow Portland and Minneapolis and Chicago and Ferguson, to burn…then ask “golly gee, what’s happening”?

ENFORCE THE LAWS! It don’t take a genius to figure it out…get rid of the radical left…they are killing your souls! VOTE THEM OUT!