SECURITY CLEARANCE… Security Clearances are granted to individuals who have been proven to be worthy of the Trust and Confidence of the United States. Granted by who? Granted by the President and those he designates after thorough background investigations by the FBI.

People who violate that trust and Confidence by lying, leaking, and then lying about leaking, for example, are not deserving of any Security Clearance and theirs must be revoked…now, starting with those who are current employees, members of Congress, and those who are on any critical committees, such as security committees!

Who should we start with? Adam Schiff, that’s who. Adam Schiff may be a Congressman, but he is not immune from being charged and prosecuted for violating the laws he wrote and certainly can be prohibited from access to classified information if the President has reason to believe that he has lied or leaked, especially confidential information or is a threat to the security of the US. Would you trust Schiff with a secret, Mr. President? If the answer is NO, then revoke his clearance and let him fight to get it back. At the same time, direct the FBI to open a Criminal Case on Schiff  for Obstruction-Interfering with the Duties of the President, Attempting to Illegally Remove the President of the United States, Hobbs Act – Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud…anyone that corrupt must have committed either or both…find it!

Revoke Pelosi’s clearance…there’s certainly reason. She too attempted to overthrow a duly elected president without due cause. Let her go to court to get it back. By that time we’ll have a new Republican Speaker!

Cancel clearances of any other current employees who have violated that trust and that includes Schumer. They led an illegal impeachment of the President of the US based upon anonymous, salacious and unverified hearsay information, no evidence and violated the Due Process Amendment and Equal Rights Amendment, charge them…there are consequences when you break the law, fabricate evidence, or shoot at someone and miss!


Now, a look at retired, former, high ranking officials starting with Hussein Obama. What did he do to deserve to, not hold, a Security Clearance and be charged? Where to start…? Before becoming President, first…Obama committed numerous Federal and State crimes…I’ll just set forth the crimes I believe he committed, your figure the charges…he was not born in the United States, he lied; he illegally obtained Social Security Numbers, one at age 15 while he was physically in Honolulu, issued from  Connecticut another one that the SSC has no record of, one that was issued to a dead man; he conspired to alter his Selective Service Card; he falsified records to obtain financial aid for college; he falsified his identity to obtain a passport.

There’s more…but let’s move on to the crimes I believe he committed as President. At the beginning of his second term, he put forth a counterfeit Birth Certificate as authentic, which, by the way is a predicate crime of the RICO statute!

At the top of the list is, Treason, by giving Aid to the Islamic Nation,  Iran… in the form of hundreds of billions of dollars in cash, all while Iran and Islam were at war with the United States, killing US citizens and soldiers. Repaying a loan…you say? Well answer this… if we owed Japan, millions of dollars when they attacked Pearl harbor, would FDR have repaid that debt before or after declaring war…or never?

Iran is/was self-declared an enemy of the United States and proved it many times over and the sponsor of virtually 100% of the world’s terror attacks, including those targeting the US.

Hussein Obama had no business…no authority…no legal reason to give financial aid to Iran!

Another act of Treason is, in one word, Benghazi!!! In the least Obama committed Criminal Negligence and, I believe, at the worst, Treason. Americans were under fire defending an American Embassy,  and there is no reason in the world for a sitting President to allow a US Ambassador and American Citizens…who were under fire for over 8 hours… to die without even an effort to help! Our plane and strike force were within a few hours…he did nothing, and worse, gave no sensible reason…no reason whatsoever…that’s pure arrogance!

Then there’s the suspicious death of the Supreme Court justice Anton Scalia. There is Probable Cause, in my opinion, to believe Hussein Obama was involved in the death of Judge Scalia. I always followed the philosophy, as an Agent, that too many coincidences…make a fact.

Twice Scalia scolded Obama for exceeding his authority, the second time was two weeks before Scalia was killed. Totally unrelated I’m sure. Time to fire up his Black Ops, led by Brennan and Clapper.

The Judge was at a ranch with 70 other people. The Judge died in his clothes, in bed with suspicious marks on his body…some were described as pin holes, others as bruises. The FBI which has the primary investigative responsibility to investigate the death of any Federal Officer, including all Federal Judges…was called and after checking with HQ ,declined to respond…WHY?…the US Border Patrol and Sheriff’s Office…did respond. Other “Federal Agents” arrived ,scooped up Scalia’s body, after renting a hearse from the only funeral parlor around…and drove the body all over Texas for hours and hours…returned to the same funeral parlor, directed the body to be cremated and stood by while it took place.

Did anyone check to see if someone from the Whitehouse called Mrs. Scalia to talk her into cremation…quickly? Did Mrs. Scalia, initially, not want her Catholic husband’s body cremated? Was that the reason for the “Tour de Texas” by the hearse and “Federal Agents”. If so, who called her and who the F—were those “Agents”.

Of the 70 possible witnesses at the camp…how many were interviewed…just one… the owner, who knew nothing… a MAJOR Democrat contributor, I hear!

If I were AG, every single individual who signed the FISA warrants or related documents, under oath, would be under indictment right now.

Unmasking you ask? The FISA Act prohibits the monitoring and identifying (unmasking) the names of any US citizens who are monitored for any reason. Very specific Rules must be adhered to “unmask” the name of any US citizen monitored. There are Civil as well as Criminal penalties if those Rules are not followed. Mr Flynn, what comes around goes around. Direct your legal staff to start filing suits against every person who unmasked your name…you are about to become rich …and the Federal Government, by law, cannot pay punitive damages…go for their throats!

Mr. President, give him his job back with back pay and expenses! He deserves it!