From what we were told by Andy’s boss, James Comey, Andy’s admitted leaking of FBI information to the MSM was NOT authorized by Comey… Comey said under oath that he NEVER told anybody to leak information! That includes Andy McCabe!

McCabe testified he did in fact leak information to the Press…but with James Comey’s direction! Both cannot be telling the truth…If McCabe was told by Comey, to break the law…McCabe, in my opinion, knew or should have known better, and should have refused! I heard his testimony before Congress! It seems both should be Indicted on their own confessions alone…what do you think?

It’s interesting to note that James Comey put Martha Stewart in jail for lying to him!

I believe lying to Congress, under oath, is much more serious than lying to a sole FBI Agent. Working Criminal Agents are lied to every day they work! These two FBI characters, McCabe and Comey, knew or should have known that every step they took across the line was a felony and violated more than just Title 18 USC, and if the allegations are true, they also violated their oath of office, the Federal Rules, and more!

Andy’s boss, James Comey, in January 2017 said that the Steele Dossier… the sole basis for the FISA wiretaps and the Mueller-Russia-President Trump criminal investigations… is “salacious and unverified” and was paid for by Hillary Clinton, President Trump’s opponent in the 2016 election!

If that was true in January 2017, months after that exact same Dossier, was used as the FOUNDATION for the initial FISA Wire taps on Carter Page, it was then also “salacious and unverified”, when Andy McCabe and James Comey, signed their names to the Carter Page Wire Tap Application documents!

Those documents were put “before” the FISA Court, under oath by McCabe and all the other affiants/signers…that the information was True and Accurate… to the best of their ability AND resulted in the issuance of a court ordered wiretap against US Citizens and a campaign of a Presidential Candidate, all when Comey, Strzok, and McCabe most certainly knew or should have known the Dossier was “salacious, unverified and paid for by Trump’s opponent Clinton”!  I’ve taken that oath many times for Affidavits before many Federal Courts. It’s serious business and people have been fired and jailed, FOR LYING TO THE COURT.

Many times we would hear from the Bureau, Courts, and USA’s Office to be careful about forgetting Exculpatory evidence. “The biggest lie is the UNTOLD truth”! They were referring to Exculpatory evidence…evidence that goes to prove innocence and not guilt! I believe that had the FISA Court known that the Steele Dossier was “salacious and unverified” and paid for by Clinton’s campaign, the FISA Court would never have issued any wiretap Court Orders for anything or anybody…NEVER ! Taking it a step further and just based upon what FBI Director Comey has stated about the entire Carter Page debacle, that warrant should NEVER have been issued!

I firmly believe that no Federal court in this Nation would issue a wiretap order based upon the hearsay, lame, asinine, wanting information in that application…none…thank God and thank our Constitution. The… “WHY was the FISA Court Order even issued” …has, to my knowledge, never been answered and should be resolved! In my opinion, that Court Order was to monitor US Citizens protected against unlawful Search and Seizure, the 4thAmendment!!

Those who were monitored, as a result of those unlawful wiretaps, I believe, could take legal action in Civil Court for apparent violations of their Civil Rights against unlawful Search and Seizure by all the signers! The facts that Mueller’s investigation found NOTHING is excellent evidence for the plaintiffs!

Do you wonder why they didn’t look to Title 3 USC for wire taps?

There’s basically two ways to monitor a US citizen’s “wire” conversations, and they are Title 3 USC and the FISA.

The FISA was created in 1978 after numerous complaints to Congress regarding warrantless search warrants and wiretaps. In fact, the Watergate investigation uncovered many of the same, including warrantless searches of Congressman.  That’s all it took, and in 1978, FISA was created and placed restrictions on many actions including the monitoring of US citizens inside the US!!

The difference in requirements is astronomical in law enforcement terms… FISA being a piece of cake, and Title 3 being a walk through the most dangerous desert with no water, bear traps, trip wires and undrinkable water when you are ready to quit…and that’s the easy part! I ‘ve worked on all aspects of many Title 3 applications from several, single field offices to the largest fraud case in FBI history out of the Indianapolis field office. That major investigation involved almost every field office in the FBI, and even involved the theft and recovery of Elvis Presley’s jet…that was an aside and unrelated case that popped up during the wire!

In order to monitor any person‘s wire conversations in the USA, a Title 3 search warrant must be obtained…period…the only exception is FISA!

In a Title 3, there must be very specific, substantial, verified crimes committed and very specific individuals for whom you must have substantial, verified Probable Cause (PC) that they committed those crimes and prove that all other efforts have failed to prove the case or there is clear and eminent danger to the public. The efforts must be substantiated, with very time consuming, man power commitments such as 24 hour surveillances, detailed examinations of phone records, financial records, pen registers and on and on …all of which require their own search warrants and all of which have failed to provide the necessary PC!

The biggest hurdles involved are that there must already be a crime and you can’t prove who did it, and you need verified, substantial undisputable PC to obtain a warrant. You may ask …”Then why bother getting a wiretap”? Good question…the answers to those questions usually involves danger…danger to the public in a bank robbery for example…where a gang that is doing armed bank takeovers and shooting cameras, tellers, or customers during robberies.  A cop killer fugitive like Joanne Chesimard or her BLA Paramore, Twymon Myers or a kidnapping case…get the idea?

I never worked a FISA case nor ever applied for any type of FISA wiretap, but I have read the law.

First of all, FISA is intended to nail foreign Agents operating in the US who we believe intend to do harm to US! Remember, by law the FBI is prohibited from conducting investigations OUTSIDE the US, and the CIA is similarly prohibited INSIDE the US!

As I stated above, Title 3 requires a crime and verified and unsalacious Probable Cause (PC)… that the defendants committed a crime…none of which…the FBI had!

The FISA was created in 1978…because of “abuses by government”, with numerous complaints to Congress, regarding abuses of warrantless wiretaps and searches of citizens and members of Congress under the guise of Foreign Counter Intel gathering…hence the FISA appeared into law with rules protecting citizens. Sounding familiar? In fact warrantless wiretaps and searches uncovered during the Watergate debacle pushed the legislation forward.

In FISA, the over-hear of US Citizens was prohibited except under certain specific circumstances and their identities must be protected…masked! Although PC was needed, for the FISA warrant, it didn’t have to be a “crime”, and the PC test did not stand up to the Title 3 PC requirements! It could be to prevent a terrorist actor attempt to see if a crime was about to be committed! Great idea…but open to abuses, by unscrupulous politicians with hooks into law enforcement Agencies?!

According to the signors of the FISA application, ALL they had was the Steele Dossier, which was, in my opinion, a second rate, fabricated, 2nd and 3rd hearsay, “unverified and salacious” document paid for by Hillary Clinton to discredit Trump. That’s all they had for their FISA Search Warrant. If they had more…shame on them, and where is it?

Remember… THEY said that all the evidence they had, to the best of their ability, was in those affidavits.

Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton actually signed a written contract with the DNC giving Clinton 100% control of the dispersal of ALL DNC funds.  She actually owned the DNC.  Read the agreement — it’s online!

Do you believe that neither McCabe, Peter Strzok, nor James Comey, all signors of the Search Warrant Applications, didn’t know that?

FISA was created to STOP exactly what they did!

It was also reported by the MSM, that McCabe took evidence from Huma Abedin husband’s computer (felony ex-convict Weiner)… and kept it in McCabe’s desk…for months…before turning it in. That’s grounds for dismissal for anybody else! By the way …how did Huma get that info from the State Dept and bring it home and put it on that computer and why was the file folder named “Just in Case”…? Just wondering!?