In my opinion, based upon the limited information available to me, here is what I believe is happening.

Brian’s parents, to this point have been harboring their son, assisting him in all ways…money, car, food, clothing, and staying out of sight. I do not believe that the “remains” can be positively ID’d until DNA, comes back. If it is undetermined, I would keep moving forward. If the dental is from a full skull with full upper and lower…or just one or the other. Then, that’s different but it doesn’t sound that way. I am a disbeliever because of how this unrolled. I suspect they may have some teeth! Brian’s parents are completely untrustworthy, that’s why I have been calling for a Grand Jury Subpoena for them .When they plead the 5th, give them both immunity, take them before a Judge and force them to talk, or go to jail! It’s simple.

Ask the parents to take a polygraph on the “finding” of the backpack and other items …when they refuse…Grand Jury time. What reason could they possibly have to refuse, except they planted them?

Once you are given immunity, anything you say is protected, unless you lie, or withhold information… then, if we prove through other means or that you did lie, all bets are off and we can use everything against you. You have to be smarter than the bad guys to catch them…and a smart FBI Agent would use all the tools available and the GJ works…We’ve used it with the AUSA, of course, to make cases.

So…there’s other things that need to be sorted…when did Brian contact his attorney? If Gabby could have been alive and was left to die in the wild, that attorney may have problems. Once an attorney knows his client committed a murder, he has certain obligations…and if he screws up, he could lose his license and be charged with a crime. He is supposed to tell his client to surrender. He cannot give him advice on how or where to hide, he cannot help him to mislead investigators.

Put his Attorney before a Grand Jury and ask anything you want…nothing Brian told him is protected anymore! There’s no lawyer/client privilege with a dead man!

This case must turn to the family and start treating them as subjects, they are making fools out of the FBI. I don’t understand why the FBI is allowing that.

We are to believe that, knowing what their son did, and there is no doubt they knew he killed her, after helping him to evade arrest, taking him away to a park to put together a plan…they all of a sudden, took a drive to a snake infested swamp with killer spiders, alligators… to look around and …oh…look…here’s all Brian’s stuff…?! Bull Shit…they planted that…and some teeth?

Then there’s  the remains. Unless there is positive identification …and I’ll bet there won’t be DNA, Dental …nothing will be a positive ID. I don’t know where they got that body…but it’s NOT Brian’s…not possible…my opinion.

I would not quit on the case against Brian…unless there is positive, DNA, ID, and I would go after his parents for all the problems they caused…GET THEM BEFORE THE GRAND JURY!