These two bills are intentionally aimed at destroying your Constitution and Free Enterprise Society… intentionally, viciously, with malice aforethought.

When you keep in mind Obama’s plan to “fundamentally change America” (and his favorite Professors at Columbia were Cloward and Piven) and… “their plan to destroy America and replace free enterprise with Communism”…it all makes sense! They say, bankrupt America by spending every penny you can…spend on welfare, expand social spending by free everything for everybody, make people dependent on the government, flood America with those dependent on government for support, drive prices up anyway you can, then take it away by creating chaos…stop supply, make them riot for food, gas, medicine…then bring in the military, “Calvary to the rescue”.

Why kill private businesses like restaurants and retail companies? Because in Socialism, there is NO private enterprise…all business is owned by government…except, of course, the Oligarchs who helped put the ruling party in place.  They can run anything they want, for a price! The less stores and retailers now, the less they have to close when “they” take over completely, and the more chaos, all in their plans! But you say, “Ok, that’s Obama, he’s gone…Biden is President”.  Is he?  Well, did Obama not say, and I quote, “I’ll run my third term from my basement”, and “I’d rather have a substitute, and through an ear piece tell him what to say sentence by sentence”.  Is that not what he…they…are doing! Joe Biden can’t walk up a flight of stairs without tripping, he can’t speak without stumbling, he doesn’t know where he is, he opposed open borders for 40 years in Congress, and the first thing he does is open the borders?!

When asked about things he did, Biden says, “I didn’t do that”…what does it take people…wake up!? Obama backed by George Soros’ money and through “OBiden”, is directly or indirectly, running America…into the ground…and it’s called TREASON!!!

You will not have Equal Rights… those Rights that people like Martin Luther King died for and those loved ones of yours who fought against Marxism, Nazism, Communist, Islam and all the forces of evil, so that you could enjoy all those Rights and Privileges that your Constitution provides…will have died in vain!

You will only have those Rights that “those in power” give you.

Currently and under our Rule of Law, the winning party gets to lead…but MUST, I say it again…MUST obey our Rule of Law, the Constitution. The only reason you can own a business, travel freely, speak freely, are protected AGAINST ILLEGAL search and seizure, have the Right to due process of the law, the Right against self-incrimination, the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Equal Rights…IS BECAUSE OF OUR CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW. In any form of Socialism…there is NO Constitution, there is a Ruler!

These two bills do away with it ALL!

Here is just ONE of the hundreds of hidden Acts of Treason that are buried, in those thousands of pages…the thousands of pages that nobody in Congress has read, including Pelosi!!

For example…just ONE hidden part of these Bills provides the IRS with 78 billion dollars to hire 80,000 new enforcement officers so that, if you spend over $600, for ANYTHING, the IRS can access your financial accounts…any and all of them…to see what you spend your money on! It gives the IRS the power, WITHOUT due process, without the protection of your 4th Amendment …against unlawful Search and Seizure… without Probable Cause of a Crime, they can and WILL lock up all your accounts until they “resolve” their investigation and may keep all you have, if they want…without recourse! That means you have no Right against illegal Search and Seizure, as the 4th Amendment now provides! WHAT?

Currently…because we have the 4th Amendment and laws that protect you against illegal Search and Seizure… to access any of your personal financial accounts… a Law Enforcement Agency must obtain a Search Warrant, including the IRS!  To do that, they MUST follow the Constitution, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Due Process. They must have Probable Cause (PC) that you committed a Crime, with intent and that other methods to prove the case have failed. The investigators, therefore, need access to all your accounts to help prove the Crime!

Further, to obtain a Search Warrant for your financial information, they MUST provide sworn affidavits, signed by the individual Lawmen who swear the PC they provide is True and Correct, to the best of their ability. Those sworn affidavits, make all the signers 100% culpable, thereby putting everything they own, at great financial risk (Lawmen and DOJ Attorneys)!  I signed many and am well aware of the rigors involved in getting warrants, and made certain there were NO “exaggerations”, and so did the AUSAs. Everything I worked for, my entire life, isn’t worth sacrificing, to put a scumbag behind bars…none of the Agents or Prosecutors with whom I worked with would have either!

That all goes out the window if those bills pass. I bet that the radical, left wing, red commie, pinko bastards who wrote those bills have provided exemptions to themselves, so that none of the new IRS laws apply to them…Congress!

If you don’t believe it, then you have to be either ignorant or just plain stupid!

In those trillions of dollars, Anti-“Constitutional Republic” Bills, there are many new laws, that have NOTHING to do with rebuilding infrastructure, buried in those Bills…Bills that will destroy your Constitution, Free Enterprise and life as you now know it!

Consider these things that Hussein Obama, who is  directing President “OBiden”, has done in just 8 months and ask …“How does that protect and help America, me or my family”?

They opened the borders…

That exists now, where last year…it didn’t…Border Patrol Agents I worked with tell me there is virtually no security on the southern borders. Besides the vicious criminals that are coming in, unabated, they have captured Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban soldiers, drugs, people runners and other known terrorists at the highest rates ever. They are not coming in to vacation on the Florida beaches! He stopped the wall, which is paid for, with 100 miles of wall on site, paid for and uninstalled by contractors who we are paying billions to NOT install the paid for walls. That’s more OBiden “eco-comics”.

They closed the Keystone Pipeline…

Biden stopped drilling for oil in those areas that Obama wants stopped. Those areas that Biden stopped were high production wells in the Dakotas and Colorado, and other States, and are the same areas Obama stopped when he was President…oh…he also  stopped exploration for new oil wells! All that stopped investors from investing in oil exploration and oil wells, so that, believe it or not, oil companies cannot afford to explore or drill. Also, contracts of billions for the pipeline are signed and billions are being lost due to OBiden “eco-comics”.

What Obama and OBiden accomplished in a couple of months is…pure insanity, “eco-comics” that are killing your economy…wonder why prices on EVERYTHING are outrageous? Joe OBiden “eco-comics” and unless something happens, it will get worse!

They took America from complete energy independence, for the FIRST TIME EVER, with gas, below $1.85 …to complete energy DEPENDENCE? What Obama and OBiden did, just a few months ago…they forced America to AGAIN import oil from OPEC, our enemy. Fuel prices will go higher than ever before…more OBiden “eco-comics”!

They opened the border, they stopped energy independence, and they stopped the supply line (oh yes they did)… by giving away billions to take away the work incentive…now name ONE, just one, of those accomplishments that benefits America… where 85% of your electric power and 100% of your supply line depends on fossil fuel.

America, created by geniuses and run by a MORON!

If you were unaware, OPEC is five Arab, Muslim Nations, and they all follow a Socialist/Communist type doctrine that the “State and Church” is one and rules…not leads… Rules! Islam goes further and sets forth, in their book of faith, the Quran, that all must follow Islam, and those who do not must die…read the book…I have!

One freaking year ago, we exported oil to OPEC and the rest of the world, AFTER President Trump filled our emergency reserves, that Obama had drained to nothing…oh, you didn’t know that either? He did that …drained the reserves… as well as cut oil production, stop oil exploration, closed the Keystone Pipeline, as I mentioned above…to help turn America into bankruptcy and chaos…not to save any climate change BS! With no reserves, there was no “emergency” source to fall back on…all in the interest of chaos! And Obama “eco-comics”!

Today, OBiden wants to draw on our emergency reserves, now, which Obama probably told him will lower the price of gas so as to increase his popularity. That is, of course, false. Does that not sound like “eco-comics”!!?

Under President Trump, we sold oil to OPEC?!  Recently, OBiden, “begged” OPEC, our enemy, to increase their production to lower the price of gas refined petroleum products as well.

All of OPEC is Muslim nations…who hate us…want to kill us …have already killed thousands of Americans…but you knew that didn’t you?

What Obama and Biden jointly did, is to beg our enemies for oil…instead of telling them how much they can buy!

In my opinion, Obama is getting the change he said he wants…Islam for America…better practice wearing burqas and wiping yourself with your bare hand like many Muslims do.  Don’t believe me?…ask any soldier who was in any Muslim nation!?

You who were involved in the cheating in the last election…what goes around, comes around, and it will… sooner than you think!