Why The Firing Of McCabe Is Critical

Why The Firing Of McCabe Is Critical… the First Card In A House Of Cards!

First this is my opinion, based upon my own experience as a criminal investigator for the FBI and common sense, and, as far as I know, you haven’t heard this from any other news media, FOX news, CNN (never) or anyone else!

Andy McCabe was handpicked, by James Comey, as # 2 man in the FBI. He knew “most” of what Comey knew and absolutely would “not” have broken any laws unless Comey told him to and I mean signing the FISA warrant against Carter Page (Comey signed it as well), breaking all FBI rules and regulations on the Hillary investigation/interview, the soft peddling of the investigation is a “Federal Felony”, it’s worse than throwing the Super Bowl!

What McCabe did, in the Hillary investigation alone, are on the spot ‘fire him’ offenses, besides being felonies. The IG report will say that also, I’m certain! McCabe would never do what he did on his own; so who told him?

Everybody is assuming McCabe was the brains, acted on his own initiative, his love for Hillary! I believes he was directed, but by whom? We all guess that it was Comey, but unless we hear it from McCabe’s own lips, we will never know because Comey will lie (again), deny, and attack McCabe, Strzok, and Page as well!

That’s “called throw them under the bus”!

Also, McCabe knew his signature on the FISA warrants would, could, lock him up, if Hillary lost, but, with the Director of the FBI signing as well and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, McCabe believed he had nothing to worry about.

I believe that McCabe, without a doubt, had conversations with Rosenstein about how to hide the flaws in the Trump Dossier from the FISA Court, flaws such as origin, (Hillary), ties with Russia, that it’s unverified etc. But again, this must come from McCabe’s lips!

McCabe’s testimony is so valuable that if I were in charge that, after he “rolls” (and he likely will), I would relocate McCabe’s family and put him in protective custody.

Everybody keeps asking, “ Why isn’t Mueller looking at McCabe, Strzok, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Obama?” Good question isn’t it? Remember, Obama is the one, I believe, who started using the NSA and FISA court for his personal wiretaps! Why did Mueller go after the people he went after? Where did he get the leads?

First, they get an illegal wire on Carter Page, who probably spoke to someone in the Trump campaign, who spoke to somebody, who spoke to somebody, who led them to Flynn, Bannon, Manafort and others. They are all fruits of the poisonous tree, and originate from acts of felonies on the part of corrupt DOJ officials and Obama.

McCabe, if we fire him now, will more likely cooperate in return for his pension, and consideration for cooperation, which the president will be wise to give him to get those corrupt DOJ officials mentioned above, including Loretta Lynch!

You can see the deck of cards? It starts with McCabe and his pension. I have been saying this for months, well back into last year: What the hell is wrong with Sessions?

Mr. President, you must act if Sessions won’t!