McCabe Fallout:

McCabe Fallout: Comey’s crimes could fill a book

Following the firing of Andrew McCabe, this is what I, as a FBI special agent for 28 years thought. I wrote it almost exactly as I thought it – and as it came to my mind as a trained criminal investigator:

When John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice were called to answer questions before Congress, they knew nothing.

Now John Brennan, who I understand is hiding outside the US – I wonder if it’s a Muslim nation with no extradition treaty with the US – has plenty to say, bashing the president! Mr Brennan, I do believe you will get your chance to tell your whole story — to a Federal grand jury very soon. By the way, did you have any private conversations with Andy McCabe or Peter Strzok? I’m just curious.

Even ‘Honest’ James Clapper has admitted, according to USA Today and the Examiner, that his testimony to Congress on March 12, 2013 was not truthful. Now that the statute of limitations has run! What an honest man, the former Director of National Security is. He admits that he lied 5 years ago – probably couldn’t remember 5 years ago, but can now, or… because the “statute has run”.

I’m willing to bet that Clapper will have another chance to be able to testify about his truthfulness, when he said he did not know anything about Samantha Powers’ unmasking of over 300 citizens in Obama’s last year of office. I believe this time, however, it will be before a federal grand jury, in the not too distant future (much before the statute of limitations runs out)! I wonder if Andy McCabe had any “candid”, private conversations with “Honest Jim Clapper”!

As for James Comey, he had better sell a lot of books for he is going to need a “lot” of money for attorney fees. Since there are enough violations of law that I believe Comey committed – I’d need a book to cover it all – I’ll only mention a few highlights:

After being fired for lack of confidence, Comey

  • admitted on National TV he intentionally “stole” government information/documents, (Title 18 Section 2071 USC) and gave them to an unauthorized civilian with instructions to leak same to the press (several other Federal Felonies)
  • signed documents presented to the FISA court that -now pay attention to this part – he admitted to the president of the United States that he knew were “unverified and salacious” (several Felonies here involving deceiving the FISA court regarding search and seizure warrants that are before a FISA court)
  • intentionally altered, interfered in the Hillary Clinton investigation (Title 18,Sec 1505, USC, obstruction, altering evidence)
  • plotting with Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein to see that a special prosecutor is appointed to “unseat” the President (possibly numerous crimes)
  • Conspiracy to interfere with a sitting president
  • many, many more…like I said it will fill a book!

Hillary Clinton? Even though she is quite pitiful, I believe that she and her husband must be called on to pay for what she/he did! What “she” did will need an encyclopedia to explain. But there are a plethora of easy-to-prove crimes and -in the name of Lady Justice – they at must be charged. I believe, the American people will demand it!

Then there’s Barack Hussein Obama. We haven’t forgotten about you, sir. Oh, yes, we haven’t forgotten. What comes around goes around. We’ll see how “loyal” your staffers really are when push comes to shove!