Mr. Sessions -Fire McCabe Now!

I’ve been calling for President Trump to either direct Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions to take action against the FBI and DOJ current employees who all are nearing pension age, starting with FBI Andrew McCabe, or for Trump to do it himself.

The action called for is the firing of McCabe, now, to toll his $150,000 lifetime pension, which is a better bargaining chip than anything even Robert Mueller could think of.

It looks like the AG is thinking about firing him but he can’t think long since Friday is the deadline date!

Just do it Mr. AG as, after McCabe cuts the deal I know he will cut, the president could set the firing aside and reward him with cooperating by letting him have his pension.

But he has to tell all and you must act now! There is no way in hell he did what he did on his own! At the least, it came from James Comey or better, Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch or, from Barack Obama. If you need my help, just re-instate me for free and I’ll do his and some of the other’s interviews.

We wrote on 2-21-18 in Artvoice, “McCabe is still an employee and his pension is in jeopardy so, I suspect, he will be looking for a deal. This includes DOJ Ohr and Rosenstein as well as FBI McCabe, Strzok, and Page”.

I’ve been saying that he and the others should be fired, suspended, made subjects of administrative Inquiries and Criminal Investigations, since last year.

If this story was leaked because the AG is looking for public opinion, I can tell you that all I have heard from my readers is, “What is the AG and President waiting for?”, and that is no exaggeration. That’s why I’ve been calling for a serious investigation by the FBI into all the issues we are looking at.

But you need a place to start, and this is even better than starting with Huma Abedin, or Cheryl Mills or John Podesta. They will all be looking for deals but you need a good start and McCabe can hand up a lot of people. Next do Peter Strzok, look for conversations with Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr!

McCabe must have had conversations with Rosenstein/Ohr about Hillary Clinton owning the DNC, and buying the dossier, and that the dossier was not verified or substantiated, about “How do we avoid telling the FISA court”?

Mr AG it’s your time, don’t drop the ball, you will be the hero of the century if the FBI can flip McCabe. You have no idea how deep this goes. I do because I dealt with people like this, on the hard side, for years!


This is your chance to break the biggest scandal in US history!