There is a statute of limitation!

How long will Trump allow Obama – Clinton violations to lay in limbo? There is a statute of limitation!

In my opinion, there are “numerous” criminal matters here at stake, and there is nothing being investigated by any law enforcement agency qualified, authorized with arrest, subpoena, search warrant powers, to fully investigate the violations that are hanging in limo.

This I what I am referring to, in no special order;

  1. Former Sec. of State Hilary Clinton’s intentional use of a private, unsecure server/email for official State Dept. business, both classified and not The mere taking, carrying away, and destroying documents either classified or not, without “intent” to do anything else, is the crime.
  2. Violation of NDA by Sec. Clinton
  3. Violation of multiple laws dealing with disclosure of SAP [special access programs] and other highly classified communications by Clinton and members of her staff such as Huma Abedin, John Podesta, Cheryl Mills, and
  4. Extreme negligence by Clinton and Barack Obama in the Benghazi Embassy/Assault resulting in loss of life of US Citizens.
  5. Use of elected office for personal, unauthorized gain by former President Obama regarding illegal wiretaps on US citizens through misuse of US Federal Agencies (FBI, NSA, CIA, FISA Court), wire fraud by Obama using forged government document for personal gain.
  6. Use of office for personal gain by former Sec. of State Clinton (Hobbs Act)
  7. Money laundering by Sec. Clinton, former Pres Bill Clinton (Clinton Foundation).
  8. Clinton’s conspiring with others to interfere in a presidential election, to overthrow a duly elected president from carrying out his duty as president, and conspiring to deceive the FISA court.
  9. Conspiracy to interfere in a presidential election; interfering with a duly elected president from carrying out his duties as president; deceiving the FISA court resulting in illegally obtaining wire taps on US citizens by former FBI Director James Comey, FBI Andrew McCabe, FBI Peter Strzok, FBI Lisa Page, DOJ Bruce Ohr, Ohr, DOJ Rod Rosenstein, DOJ Sally Yates and others.
  10. Lying/perjury under oath to Congress by Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan and others, possible illegal court orders, illegal surveillance, illegal eavesdropping on US citizens, including reporters and others for political reasons on orders of Barack Obama

There is only one law enforcement agency with a proven record, trained, capable and authorized to fully investigate the above federal violations and that is the FBI, period!

To claim that the FBI cannot investigate the above crimes because a number of its corrupt employees are involved, when there are agents with a record of integrity is insane! I’ve seen the FBI prosecute its own, and can be thorough, honest and tough!

Assign all of the above to the FBI with a new Deputy AG, appointed, to replace the suspended Rosenstein by the President, and not anybody else!

They are trying to let the statues of limitation run out Don’t let them!