You “gotta” love ignorant Democraps…they really do live in Fantasy Land! All they have to do is wave their magic wand and …poof…fossil fuel will be gone! How will Hochul make up for the 80% grid loss…Tinker Bell? Why didn’t someone come up with that great idea, sooner…because people that ignorant and in high level positions, are few and far between (thank God)?! Oh… AOL did say we must get rid of fossil fuel or, “the Earth will end in 12 years if we don’t”…sorry Kathy…that puts you on an IQ level with AOC!! IF you know what a “Garbage Disposal” is used for, please tell AOC, she doesn’t!!

Kathy…DEFINE CLIMATE CHANGE for us, please! If you cannot…please rethink what the hell you’re doing!

I’ll bet, you can’t!

Is it hot or  cold…wind or still…rain or sun or snow or sleet. Is it meteor strikes…or sunspots…is it volcano eruptions…is it Big Foot…CO2 or methane gases or maybe benzene…all of the above? Which of these do you believe you can control?

If the US stops all gas discharges into the air and China and Russia continue to disregard what the rest of the World does,(like now) and continue to INCREASE releases into the air, how much of a difference will our sacrifices make? Science says, NONE!

Makes you wonder who these Democrap politicians talk to about physics, math and climate science. It sounds like Kathy has a direct line to world renowned scientists Al Gore, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi or that famous think tank, the UN IPCC. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, is the United States FUNDED, group that is supposed to study IF there is Climate Change, CC! Please note the Climate Change designation and NOT Global Warming!  So they seek out Universities, with starving, unemployed PhD scientists…seeking grant money…for research. Former weather channel founder and Meteorologist, John Coleman, determined that the IPCC forced the grantees to agree, “There is Global Warming”, and then agree to prove it, in a contract!  The IPCC forced colleges and universities, who want their million dollar grants, to agree with the IPCC’s “preconceived findings” and then set out to prove there is Global Warming…to keep their grant!! But…what about “Climate Change” and if their study is only in the US…how can they predict anything for the World? They can’t!! According to NASA, in their 2015 study findings… the UN IPCC model is USELESS…so, simply put, they can’t! But that doesn’t stop the left…they only refer to the flawed IPCC reports and “most scientists say”!

The sources for that little tidbit are honest scientists who finally quit the IPCC after John Coleman exposed their scam! The Internet was awash with the fraud that Coleman uncovered!

They were for 18 years, and probably still are, “doctoring their books” but isn’t that the same thing Joe Biden did to the Ukraine…pay to play…Quid pro quo?

If you think I’m kidding about the Grants the UN IPCC gives out…I’m not! John Coleman, actually obtained raw data and methods of research regarding the corrupt contracts that were used and the unscientific methods of collecting that data and he revealed all of some 18 years of fraud! Coleman’s findings are all over the internet! You won’t find any in the NY Times, Wash Post or CNN!

That 2015, NASA study on the Antarctic Ice Land Mass with test borings revealed that the Ice Land Mass is thicker, colder, and bigger than it was 10,000 years ago AND the UN IPCC Model on, “Global Warming”, is useless, predicts nothing…their words and their study!!

But we debunked the Global Warming nonsense and the Dems dropped that foolish argument and adopted new talking points… “Climate Change”, which is what the IPCC was supposed to study in the first place!

Now, to demonstrate just how stupid these radical Democraps are …I’m going to debunk their entire ideology and talking point with one very simple question that you have never heard ANYONE ask, nor have you heard it answered nor defined or explained and that is …DEFINE CLIMATE CHANGE…WHAT EXACTLY IS THE CLIMATE CHANGE YOU PLAN TO GET UNDER CONTROL?!

I am going to take the liberty of backing that up with this question as well… “What, Scientist told you that you can Change/Control, Climate Change?  And… this one as well…Who says that Fossil fuel, CO2 and or Green Gases are the culprit…names please …because I would like to see if they all got their College Degrees, on line, for 50 bucks!

I submit that NO legit Scientist would dare say CO2 is evil…not good for the Earth because he probably doesn’t believe F=MA or E = mc2. !!

Just to further show some things do come around that go around…when Patrick Moore, the founder of Green Peace,  quit Greenpeace…you heard of that didn’t you…he said quite a few things that directly contradict everything you anti-fossil fuelers say? Fact is many have quoted some of the nonsense Greenpeace put out about Carbon Dioxide and Green Gases! Patrick Moore also quit the lies and deception…didn’t hear that from the MSM?

Well hear it now from yours truly…he did debunk most all that Greenpeace once claimed…and you know what, I want to thanks Mr Moore for what he did…it took guts!!

Get ready because it’s what many of us have been saying ALL ALONG, from Mr Moore…

  1. The “Greenpeace Ship”, traveled the seas to save the world from fossil fuel with her mighty sails and rammed into whalers to save the whales…they did it with the two, huge GM Electromotive DIESEL FUEL engines that powered the electric motors that powered the entire ship. He never saw those sails raised…Mr Moore’s words!
  2. Our plant life needs CO2 to survive and produce the oxygen we breathe…so much so…that we need to INCREASE CO2 in the atmosphere because… “Our trees need at least 250 ppm of CO2 to survive, any less and our trees will die”…we now have 450 ppm…   however our trees need 2,000ppm to thrive!!!
  3. Science has no idea how this happens but every year the “excess CO2” in the atmosphere drops into the Oceans, there-by benefiting Ocean plant life …then the fish…then you!
  4. Here’s an eye opener…Mr. Moore said that CO2 is so important to you and me…if you ever have plants that are not doing well , “put them in a greenhouse, put your car exhaust into that green house and close the doors”…it will knock your socks off how they will turn around! That’s from Patrick Moore…makes sense too, CO2 works, doesn’t it!
  5. And you want to become fossil fuel free… “Morons…I swear”, I apologize…I said that you are MORONS, it’s true…and I’m sorry for it!

The only way you can replace fossil fuel energy, is to find REAL replacements…not Fairy Tales. The only VIABLE replacement there currently is for fossil fuel…IS NUCLEAR POWER…which… New York State OUTLAWS…GREAT!

So Kathy and the rest of you who are exactly WRONG about fossil fuels and the good of CO2… you are not a little wrong but totally and completely WRONG and you are being fooled by fools and are being made to look like fools!… so step back…and think! What produces the air you breathe…Carbon Dioxide,CO2!!!

Here’s some more food for thought; Scientists from the Heartland Institute put together a short, and to the point petition…this petition in its entirety is posted below. It was started in 1997 and continues to be signed!

It is SIGNED BY 31,487 AMERICAN SCIENTISTS, INCLUDING 9,029 PhDs on Global Warming:

 _____________________________________________________________________________       PETITION

We urge the United States Government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December,1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.


Please sign here (31,487… 9,029 PhDs did)