The thing that you MUST understand and stop denying is this; Joe Biden, through no fault of his own,  has no idea what he is doing, absolutely none…he is NOT running this country…he is ruining this country by following Obama’s lead, my opinion! He had no input in that Democrat Senate Bill /Exec Order on Digital money. Biden doesn’t understand a thing about Cryptocurrency or Bitcoins nor anything else, my opinion! BUT…Obama does…it’s about control…control of you! First he tried to control your health, which failed miserably, now, he is trying to control you through your money! If YOU don’t stop him, he will succeed!

READ THIS, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, THEN JUST ASK JOE TO EXPLAIN WHY HE WANTS TO SWITCH TO CRYPTOCURRENCY! Let me know when you will, so I can have a good laugh…we really need one!!


Some of MY reasons to REJECT, WITH ALL OUR MIGHT, a change to Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin are simple:

First, it gives one banking institution, the Fed and one person, the Chairman of the Fed, complete “control over ALL your money, including…how you spend it”! That is what they want to do. ANYONE who says, “Not True”, ask, “What insures the funds…like FDIC does”!!  Remember the bill Hussein/Obiden proposed to give the IRS more power, 60K more Agents, more money and access to your bank accounts if you dared to spend more than $600, all at one time? Why do you think they want that? Still think I’m crazy”? Read the 4th Amendment!

Second, what backs up the digital “currency”? The Fed…NO?! FDIC…NO?! The US Government…NO?! Any Government…NO! NOTHING…YES!

Third, today, your currency is guaranteed by both the FDIC and the full faith and power of the United States!

Fourth, digital money, is very unstable, changes drastically…up and DOWN! It’s unstable because it’s backed by nothing, like stocks. It is very susceptible to Fraud! It is an asset, and not a currency!

Are you really dumb enough to allow such an insane act with your money?

When was the last time, you heard that your bank records were attacked and your savings account, or checking or CD was “victimized” by hackers, your money is gone…not insured by the FDIC…sorry…we can’t help you?! OR get an email, “We devalued the dollar and your $100,000 is reduced to $50,000!? Did that EVER happen to you or anyone you know? I doubt that happened!

Has the stock market ever done any of the above! Ask your Grandpa about 1929! The FDIC was started in 1933! So why jump into a boiling pot of Fraud and Uncertainty? Just finish reading this and then Google Cryptocurrency Fraud …then take your pick!

The US Dollar has been the world’s currency for almost 150 years because it is backed by the US! It’s the most stable economy in the world. That’s why Obama wants to destroy it and bankrupt America…because he cannot control the US dollar. Read Piven and Cloward! Right now, today, the guarantees are; US Dollars…FDIC and United States of America; CRYPTOCURRENCY…NOTHING! So let’s switch!

You should view Bitcoins as an investment, asset, but NOT tradable currency…just like a Stock, or a Bond, nothing else. What guarantee do you receive when you buy a stock? That’s the same as Bitcoin!

More on Secure “Digital transactions”, that are already in place, and the best reason of all, to just say, “NO”, to CRYPTOCURRENCY;

All real-estate closings today are accomplished by secure, “Digital’, (there’s that word again), computer programs and some States are dumb enough to execute closings to buyers and sellers WITHOUT REQUIRING ORIGINALS, WITH BLUE INK SIGNATURES… PAPER COPIES! New York doesn’t require paper originals unless you ask, but Florida does require, paper originals to both parties!

Ever hear this at a closing, “Don’t worry, it’s all “Digital”, on file at the County seat… or the Clerk’s office, safe and secure”. Ever hear that? Just say, “GOOD but, I still want an original Deed, Title Search, Survey and Title Insurance”.

Answer me this …why was there NEVER any such thing as, Title Theft, before “Digital”? It just didn’t exist! I would have known if there were, because Title Theft/Fraud are Wire Fraud and/or Mail Fraud and are the FBI’s Jurisdiction! After almost 3 decades as an Agent and having worked many Mail and Wire Fraud Cases, I NEVER even heard the phrase, Title Theft!!

In my humble opinion, “Digital” Closings CREATED, TITLE FRAUD!

Today, because of “Digital” Secure Closings, to protect against “Title Theft”, we need to buy “Title Theft Insurance”, and I don’t mean Title Insurance for the Deed/Search either, that doesn’t cover Title Fraud!

Here’s the irony of Digital Closings and Digital money versus paper …in the Digital world, to protect your Bitcoin currency (Money) and Real Estate, you will need to BUY insurance that YOU pay for, and keep “paper copies”…to prove what’s yours…and oh, almost forgot… and you will love this…turn over control of your assets to your brand new Socialist government, that you allowed/voted for, which is Ruled by an unelected Hussein Obama.

Remember… this is all…to Overthrow your Republic and make America a Socialist Nation…that’s the real goal and Digital Currency is a big part of Obama’s plan!

Today, your cash, in your pocket is protected by you, your gun, our laws and Law Enforcement IF the Police are allowed to enforce those laws.…what is in the bank, is covered by the FDIC and your Constitutional Republic, the US Government, and your property, is covered by your paper Deeds and financial statements!

I don’t see any way to protect your Bitcoins!!! Worry not!  They will give you a secure password, that they will share…with you…and the Fed! Good luck with that!

Think I’m wrong, well read on…?

The “Democrat Senate” just passed Senate Bill 3571…you have to read it! From Senate Bill 3571…paragraph (a)… “In the absence of sufficient oversight and standards, firms providing digital asset services may provide inadequate protections for sensitive financial data, custodial and other arrangements relating to customer assets and funds, or disclosures of risks associated with investment.  Cybersecurity and market failures at major digital asset exchanges and trading platforms have resulted in billions of dollars in losses…” so let’s dive in and Obama/Obiden want you to trust them to control those “bad boys”, and will protect your life savings!?

THEY WON’T ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS, WILL NOT HONOR THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE AND  WILL NOT PROTECT OUR SOUTHERN BORDER FROM CRIMINALS, ENEMIES, DRUG DEALERS, SMUGGLERS, DRUG CARTELS …?! OMG, how could anyone believe anything these scoundrels have to say, when they AREN’T even honest about who is running the White House and who is running the country??!!!

They must be saying, “If they were dumb enough to vote for Biden…anything, even Bitcoin, is possible”!

That’s all the more reason to just say, “NO”, or for certain you will be very, very, sorry!!!!

Do you really believe that Hussein Obama, the person who wants “to fundamentally change America,” into a Socialist Nation, the same guy who admits he had to lie to us about such things as “keeping your own doctors” and “prices will come down saving the average family $2500 per year”, and one lie after another, to pass a failed Obama Care?! He fooled you then, didn’t he…but we can trust him now…why… as he Rules America, as he said he would, with a FAUX President, with and ear plug, from his basement down the street…through a FAUX President to fool you again!?

Wake up stupid! An unelected and now wannabe President For Life, wants you to trust HIM to take all your Currency and turn it into Digital money…Obama is saying, “I used to work for the Government and I’m here to help you”?