and PROTECT, PRESERVE AND DEFEND the Constitution of The United States, BY ENFORCING OUR Rule of Law at the Southern Border of the United States and then, Impeaching, Indicting and Convicting President Joe Biden for High Crimes and Misdemeanors!

Specifically, President Biden has failed to enforce Immigration and Naturalization Laws that have been duly imposed by Congress and signed into law by several Presidents, over the past years, regarding methods of entry into these United States. Biden not only ignores and refuses to enforce those laws but he refuses to force “point of entry” laws…utilizing a Congressionally ordered and paid for wall!

This President has intentionally, and with malice aforethought, prevented the Border patrol and other Federal law enforcement agencies from performing their sworn duties to enforce these laws, and to protect American citizens. Biden has directed these agencies to NOT arrest and prosecute criminals who are crossing our Southern Border freely…without proof of vaccinations, proof of identity, compliance with entry, our Laws, Rules, and Regulations. That IS Criminal Negligence by Biden and thereby Aiding and Abetting our enemies!! Aiding and abetting our enemies is an act of Treason!

Biden is violating Title 42 which requires all those non-US citizens to submit to proof of identity and of vaccination against Covid-19. Biden has announced his intention to further his Criminal Negligence by eliminating Title 42! He has already illegally allowed over 4 million aliens deep into this country. His actions are further encouraging others to do the same… breaking our laws without recourse…all of which is placing those he swore to protect in grave danger!!

By providing free food, lodging, cell phones, clothing, money, transportation, education, and health care with the intent to overwhelm the Agencies charged with the duties to protect America, are acts of Criminal Negligence AGAINST Americans !

These actions violate not only our INS laws but violate the 14th Amendment of equal treatment to ALL!

Giving a few illegals a cup of soup, some clothing, a few days of housing and a ride back across the border is considerably different from giving 4+ million of them exemption from abiding by our Rule of Law, “better” rights, and privileges than those who have entered the US LEGALLY!

You, Congressmen and Senators who believe in the Constitution, must step up and HONOR YOUR OATHS or STEP DOWN…silence is gutless! Your action/inaction CLEARLY identifies those of you who are COWARDS and do NOT believe in our Constitution, nor do you deserve to serve us…resign or we WILL fire you in November!!!

Previous Congressmen and women and previous Presidents, of all parties, have all supported fossil fuel exploration, drilling, fracking on government lands for decades…except for Hussein Obama and his administration! A coincidence? I doubt it!

Why would “Vice” President Biden (Obama’s words), who needs help walking and talking, revoke permits to drill and explore on the Green River Oil Reserve, a government owned property, which is the largest oil reserve IN THE WORLD? That’s based upon government estimates after President George Bush, a Republican, had 3000 test wells drilled by private contractors!

Biden’s combination of reduced drilling, fracking, exploring and transportation…has caused a reduction of oil, to us, of about 4 million barrels per day and an increase of 3 times the price of refined product…from Trump’s days ($1.85 to Biden’s well over $5 per gallon of diesel) !

Pipelines are so vital that they are protected by Federal Common Carrier laws…I know because I investigated crimes against various operators, users, and attempts at theft and sabotage on the Colonial Pipeline.

Reducing drilling, supply, and use have not a thing to do with anything environmental… for you misinformed.  Go on the “Heartland Institute” website to erase some of your ignorance! It has to do with control! Control of you! Without fossil fuels, everything comes to a halt, duh!

People close to “VP” Biden, like his son, Hunter Biden, aren’t the only ones with substantial interests in profiteering on energy, from enemies of the US… electric cars, natural gas, and related things like lithium, cadmium, cobalt, nickel!?  Fortunately there are many more emails to read! If I’m not mistaken, several names came up, from the Biden’s partner, during some of the Ukraine/Biden meetings!

When we buy oil from Russia, Iran or China…does Hunter get a cut, or were those $3.5 million and $1.5 million Hunter received from Russian sources… payments?!

Now is the time to come clean boys and girls…once Obama and Soros make their move, it will be too late! The “Democraps will desert the sinking ship” like rats, and will deny they ever heard of Hussein Ob…who?…trust me…I used to work for the government, and I’m here to help you!

Hunter…consider this…if you flip on Joe…you and your sister can keep it all…no more “vig” to pay…hmmm, second thought, there would be no more anything to split! Just a thought!