What kind of NARCISSIST would celebrate a total failure? The same person who would tell us, “I will run my third term from my basement” …the same person who said his ideal third term as president would be a faux President with an earpiece so, “I can give him his speech a sentence at a time”…the one who said, “I will fundamentally change America”. Those are all his words, and he is making fools out of all of you who support/supported either one of those two scoundrels, Hussein and Obiden!

You just don’t get it. He is telling you the truth, and those who fail to believe what this guy is telling them…I hope, you will live to regret what you have done by electing this Muslim as President…twice…actually 3 times!! Everything that he has done was/is to change America alright…change it to a socialist, Islamic nation …and if, after all he has done to destroy America …you don’t believe, then in my opinion, you don’t deserve to continue to vote! If you want Socialism… pick a country where you like the way they live and go there!

You can’t find a socialist place where you want to be?  Where you can travel freely, worship your own God, sell your home-grown vegetables and corn in front of your house, pick where you want to live and work, speak freely about things you dislike about your ruler… because he kills those who do? Is that what is troubling you…Bunky? Well smarten up…you are about to see the first attempt to, overthrow of our government, in our Nation’s history, and you who voted for him, have made all that possible, my opinion!!

Don’t believe it, yet? Well just answer these few questions…if I told you that Obama is going to close all the fossil fuel POWER PLANTS (like he said he would), without any viable replacements (that’s 85% of our power plants)… what would you say? He has already closed 45% of our fossil fuel plants during his 8 years of terror! Would you not wonder WHY?

Why haven’t you felt the result so far? It’s because thanks to Republican and non-Muslim Democrat Presidents, we had 125%  of the power we needed in 2008, B O (Before Obama). Hussein closed 45% of fossil fuel plants and we now have 85% of the power we need, if everybody is running their AC…brown out or worse! That happened in Texas, where the Texas Grid went down… that’s what happened there! Ask somebody who lived through that, without power for weeks …how it was.

Understand, we only have 3 Grids …the East, West and Texas Grids and the Texas Grid went down, entirely because of Obama’s actions, my opinion.


If I told you the same Hussein Obama and his VP Biden are going to open our Southern Border by eliminating Title 42 and allow everybody in, who wants to come to the US, without any medical vetting and be given up to $16,000 each in cash, social security benefits, welfare benefits, free air transportation (while you can’t find a flight home, and are given the 3rd degree by TSA) , while you pay $5+/gallon of gas. They are receiving free housing, free medical, now get ready for this ….and that’s over 4 million people you are now supporting AND the bastards are going to allow and encourage… more to come in, beginning next month!? If I told you Obama, not Biden, is responsible for shutting down 4 million barrels per day (14 million per day by Trump and $1.85 per gallon)…by closing all government owned property to the oil companies even if they have permits and contracts! Now it’s below 10 million and we are buying from our enemies who want to kill us!

What would you ask your President …Obama ? Does Obama have to sabotage something with a real BOMB, to get your attention? Well stand by, if the Grid goes down…guess who?

He is going to try to convert our currency to Bitcoin or some other digital currency to afford complete control over your money…no more paper dollars and all currency will go through one bank…the FED! They will have complete and unfettered access to all your funds! No search warrant necessary! Because there will be no more 4th Amendment (nor any Constitution) protecting us from unlawful search and seizure!

Call your Democrat Senators and Congressman and threaten to vote Republican across the board if they don’t smarten up and get control of the Border and start drilling 4-5 million more barrels per day!!! When they say how?  Tell them to reopen ALL those Government lands, like the Green River reserves, the other reserves, and pipelineS…that’s right…plural… that Obama just closed.  He said Biden is his VP folks…I believe the bastard! You better too…Socialism/Islam is coming if you don’t act…now!