WHY…would America’s leaders destroy our energy independence…forcing us to buy products produced by our enemies, and again, make us dependent on those who want to kill us…Russia, China, Iran, OPEC?!

WHY…would those same leaders destroy the security we had on America’s southern borders and allow the good, the bad, and the worst bad, unchecked into our Nation … by open borders… and prevent our border protectors (Border Patrol, ICE, Customs, Immigration) from doing their jobs?

WHY…would those same leaders direct America into a direction of certain failure by reducing our power plant output by over 45% (from 2008 to 2016, Obama’s war on US fossil fuel production), and at the same time increase the demand for electric power by becoming dependent on electric powered transportation, all at a time that the leaders have NO REPLACEMENT for the electric power they have taken away and continue to take away?

If you can grasp this concept, the OVERTHROW of your Constitutional Republic…you will completely understand what they are up to…

A relatively small group of radical, “Progressive”, liberals led by a former president, Hussein Obama, have gained control of your government by numerous deceptive, surreptitious, fraudulent, illegal methods that are working, funded by a very wealthy Oligarch. An oligarch is a word that refers to wealthy elites, people who don’t just hold power and money but who control enough resources to influence politics or government in a meaningful way.

This Obama led coalition, in my opinion, is directing Biden’s every move. Obama is doing all he can to “Fundamentally change America”, his words, into a Socialist, Islamic State, my words!

They have convinced a relatively small group, combined of some ignorant, greedy and corrupt… followers, who have gained power by various methods.  By using the deceptions of Global Warming (now defunct), which has been replaced by the “control” of Climate Change (an impossible task)…some have gained great, personal wealth and power on their way to making America the Socialist nation that Obama desires. See if any elected officials or the Obama and Biden families have invested in Electric Transportation, in China, Russia, or any other  foreign governments…one way or another! Look no further, though, than Hunter Biden’s emails which will be prima facie evidence in the trial of his entire crime family!

Once you grasp that concept…which, to most of America, is obvious…then, all the rest makes sense. Just follow Obama’s stated beliefs in the teachings of his Mohamed/Allah and his two favorite Professors, Cloward and Piven! They explain how to “Fundamentally Change America into a Socialist nation by bankrupting all our social systems and give away programs”… by flooding America’s borders, and spending her into oblivion…cut off electric power, cut off food supplies, and do anything that helps CREATE CHAOS!

Now …what if the majority of scientists, power experts and most of Americans, including me, all say that…

1-To stop fossil fuel energy, production, before replacing that power with reliable electric power, is a direct road to disaster for America?

2-Neither solar nor wind power are capable, from a science, cost, reliability, or mathematical perspective…of EVER becoming a replacement for fossil fuels…augment… maybe… but  replace…NEVER!

From a column on 1/15/22 by Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris, Geo Engineer, Heartland Institute, and well respected scientists, both… “Electric cars will never become the mainstream of transportation…”

“ In order to match the 2,000 cars that a typical filling station can service in a busy 12 hours (on fossil fuel), an EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station would require 600, 50-watt chargers at an estimated cost of $24 million and a supply of 30 megawatts of power from the grid. That is enough to power 20,000 homes. ” That folks is ONE “gas” station for EVs!

I’m not an expert on the environment, even though I created and then directed the FBI Environmental Crimes Program for the entire Western District of NY (all 17 counties) and was at that time, an expert on environmental crimes such as “Clean air” and Clean Water”, both statutes of the EPA Big 8 Laws… but with a Bachelor’s of Science in Metallurgy and a minor in Chemistry, I can safely say that, based upon today’s technology, the ONLY current and viable replacement for fossil fuel is nuclear power, and I defy any scientist to disprove that!

Just add it up…it takes a 75 amp service, JUST for one EV charger, to charge one car overnight! No neighborhoods in the US have the line power to charge more than about 6 cars in a single neighborhood block. How many cars in your neighborhood? The average electric service to an American home, is currently 100 amp service!

The power lines, the transfer stations, the transformers ALL must be updated/replaced if we had the power output…which we do not! There’s more bad news…many of those millions of transformers still contain PCBs, Polychlorinated Biphenyls…a coolant, byproduct from Agent Orange and extremely hazardous, carcinogen …that cannot be land filled.  What to do with all that…geniuses?

There isn’t enough power on the 3 Grids to provide 100% of the power America needs, NOW! Grasp that very true FACT!! That’s because of what…and this is an indisputable fact…Hussein Obama, on his own, by executive orders and by weaponizing the EPA… shut down… some 45% of the fossil fuel electric power plants (coal, oil and natural gas), from 2008 to 2016.

When he took office we had 125% Grid capacity…when he left, he had reduced it to 85% of needed Grid capacity.  We are, right now …at least 15% SHORT of what we need…so what happens…brown outs and catastrophes like Texas?! Obama shut down fossil fuel plants and built Solar and Wind! Remember Solyndra? They received a $535 million loan and 3 months BEFORE they filed for bankruptcy, Obama gave them another $500,000!!

Neither worked because in storms, there’s no sun and too much wind…duh! That’s coming to your neighborhood soon…if Biden/Obama, et. al, continue to Rule America…my opinion!

All because of Climate Change….folks smarten up… chickens don’t have lips…the moon is not made of cheese…you can’t pick up a piece of poop from the clean end AND we cannot control Climate Change!? If Mother Nature wants snow, rain, wind, calm, hot or cold…she will get it…no matter what scientific scholars/geniuses like Hussein Obama, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and AOC have to say!

You “Green Morons” have no idea what you are doing! Science hasn’t figured out how to dispose of Lithium ion used-up batteries…they can’t bury them nor burn them …so now what?  What will you do when you find out how much more toxic, carcinogenic, dangerous, as well as 1000s of times as costly, it is to dispose of lithium ion batteries which also contain toxic cadmium and cobalt, known carcinogenic elements! Compare that to the byproduct of fossil fuel…Carbon Dioxide, which produces oxygen for you to breathe and grows green life…all your food!!

The ….ium elements kill people. Fossil fuels safely provide life’s needs!!

You have it all upside down! Of all the fuels that the world uses to produce power…the most available, least expensive are also…the least damaging…water for hydro power and, you guessed it …Fossil Fuels…morons…I swear!!!

Fossil fuels ARE the only true Green power source!