OBiden and his boss, Hussein Obama, are going to crash the Electric Grid and the Internet! I am certain of that! ALL to overthrow our government….AND…then blame somebody else, like China, Russia, N Korea, Iran, or the Radical Republicans! How do we know? Not just my opinion but also … JOE BIDEN SAYS SO…he just said, as reported by NEWSMAX, on 3/23/22 that Biden wrote to Governors, “I urge you to take urgent action to exercise the authority you and your team have to prepare your critical infrastructure to withstand a cyber attack”!

Politico also reported today, “Among the urging, Biden called on governors and Bowser to get state and local security officials together to shore up cybersecurity and responses for critical infrastructure, including energy and water”!

Obiden and Obama are trying to cover their tracks!

If there were a real enemy threat, Biden has no idea what to do, and even if he did…Obama would stop him…no doubt! My opinion!

If there were a real outside threat, a real President would muster the troops, our military, and order them to protect the Grid.  Oh yes he can …if the Governors ask him to! We would see military trucks and equipment rolling to protect us and the Grid. Trump would…these two scoundrels, Obiden and Obama, won’t lift a finger to stop it because they are behind it…my opinion based upon Biden and Obama’s “Fundamental Changes”… many words and deeds!

I wrote a few columns ago, that all 50 Governors must take action to protect our Grid! I said to call in the National Guard and there are 55,000 transfer points…some EXTREMELY vital.  The owners MUST help… and get them protected with around the clock armed protection…armed National Guards! Cameras, drone surveillance, with orders to shoot anyone who attempts to damage or destroy these transformers, because if certain transformers go down, and millions have no power for extended periods of time…many people will die!

I’ve been warning you, the public, for months, that these scoundrels are planning to create chaos by shutting down the internet to take over everything digital…money, property, stocks…with a plan to change our currency to digital, bitcoin type money… controlled by the Federal Reserve. Just look and listen to everything they say and put it in the context of …chaos… then force an overthrow by force, to keep the peace! Example…in 2021 Joe Biden said, with anger in his voice and a warning finger, that… you Republicans had better watch your ass in 2022…What does he know that we don’t?

Why does Biden propose to increase the authority of the IRS and add personnel to the tune of 60,000 more agents and 85 billion more dollars?! And… no Search Warrants to search your bank accounts (4th Amendment)… if you spend over $600 in one shot!…and when we revolt…shut down the Grid!

In my opinion, Dinesh D’Sousa has been saying it for years. His movie, Hillary’s America and the Secret History of The Democratic Party, says it all.

The Democraps accuse their adversaries for things THEY did! That’s precisely what they did, for example, to President Trump. Biden did a “pay to play”, threat to the then Ukraine President to fire his AG who was investigating Hunter Biden or no billion dollar aid! That’s Hobbs Act–Extortion. He then blames Trump for doing the exact same thing…pay to play… to the same person…that takes BALLS. Trump showed the transcript, and Trump did nothing wrong. I brought Hobbs Act–Extortion cases to trial…Biden’s bragging on TV shows exactly how stupid he is and that confession IS a confession and prima facie evidence! So where the hell was Bill Barr? Good question!

Hillary conspired and paid for a fake, Russian dossier showing Trump conspired with Russia to control the 2020 election…which is precisely what she did…and caused a 25 million dollar FBI investigation that Director Comey said was “unsubstantiated, and salacious” and Bob Mueller says, “NO CRIMES COMMITTED BY TRUMP”!

Listen, the fact that Biden is certain there will be an attack, must be believed, because he and Obama are behind it!

What to do? You Republican “leaders” should stop the Senate hearing for a Judge and call an emergency Intel meetings demanding to hear and see the evidence…this is serious…you MUST call Biden on this and stop it in its tracks! You people took oaths to protect preserve and defend the Constitution and us…well get off your asses and put the safety of America first!

If we are about to be attacked …what the hell are you doing about it…vetting a Supreme Court Candidate…get real!?