Why is this president harping on the Climate, Climate Change…Global Warming and the rest of this nonsense?

What better way to waste money. Spend on the Climate…everybody …I mean, NOBODY…understands Climate Change, just listen to the weather. You will hear what the Earth has been doing for the past 5 billion years…but with enough money, Hussein and Obiden can stop it! They can do what Jesus Christ himself couldn’t do, stop Climate Change! Ask Noah…he knows first hand!

Remember, we talked about Obama’s favorite college professors? They wrote a book that explains how to flip America’s free enterprise system …into a freeloading system. Obama is using the entire country as his model! Bankrupt all the social programs ( flood the country with beggars), aliens looking for handouts and spend all you can on them.

Obiden is attacking our grid and don’t think he’s fooling! He said what Obama’s staff told him to say 12/23/23, as the obedient lap dog he is. He intends to shut down the remaining fossil fuel plants…all the remaining power utilities will refuse …I hope. What he is doing to our Nation is Treason, Criminal Negligence…allowing open borders is, by any definition…aiding our enemies…all of them! Any president who opens our Borders is insane, maybe there’s nothing he can do about that…but there is a LOT, useless Congress can do!

Obiden is using every single excuse he can find, to waste money. The Israel, Ukraine and soon to be Taiwan Invasion by China, are /will drain our Militarily, economically, and emotionally!

You must understand what China has done to prepare for war…against the US. I’ve been reading about the truth… about China’s build up from both retired and current Military, Intel Officers who all agree…indeed, believe, China is preparing for a full scale invasion of …America!! AND we are not ready! We have 90 days of defensive weapons… we buy our ammunition from China…the dumbest thing we could do. China has 500,000 fighting men staged all around America and inside of America. Obiden has drained our oil reserves to almost nothing. He doing what Cloward and Piven wrote, bankrupt America by overloading all our social programs, create chaos, shutdown the grid, then declare Martial Law and come to the rescue with Hussein Obama and Islam!

China has control of 80% of our shipping ports, and 100% control of the loading/unloading cranes. They can shut down those supply lines with a flick of a button! They have control of the Panama Canal. China has soldiers poised to strike in/from Mexico, the Bahama Islands, South America, NW Canada… practicing “cold weather” tactics…what’s wrong with practicing those tactics on your own ICE?

I am convinced, that should OUR enemies attack, Obiden will crawl under a table and turn the fighting over to a power house like… Blinken, Yellen, or maybe Granholm, or our Attorney General Merrick Garland… wow, now there’s a powerhouse, every one of them with the IQ of fish, my opinion ! Better find a bigger table Joe…you won’t be alone!

It is my opinion if Congress does not act and remove Obiden before China makes their move, America will be DONE!

He has diminished our ready forces, moved our ships out of position, so they cannot defend us. Those surveillance balloons will be replaced with EMP Bombs! Obiden has no intention to stand up to any invading force, in my opinion. With the world at the edge of war, as his “non sexually” challenged Generals believe… shouldn’t Obiden have a defense plan ready? Ask him what he plans to do.

In my opinion, Obama thinks that China’s Xi is going to turn America over to HIM because he was vital to the takeover of America. Do you believe Xi will turn over something as valuable as America and trust Obama, after Obama just betrayed 350 million Citizens…now he wants Xi to “trust him”. Obama’s head and his entire family’s heads will be the first to drop on the ground, followed by Obiden’s and his family…that’s our only solace, again…my opinion!