If you cannot put the dotted lines together… that I am about to layout…we might as well quit right now! If only you would have paid more attention to what Hussein was/is saying. Words from these scoundrels’ lips…Obama and Obiden…are all lies. Everything they do, every dime they waste is all intentional, the open Borders ,Climate anything, they are all ways to bankrupt America and it’s working…China IS coming thanks to Obama/Obiden, my opinion and the opinion of former and current Military, Intel officers!

First Hussein Obama … he said, “I will fundamentally change America”. ‘The most beautiful thing I ever witnessed is the Islam Call to Prayer”.

Those two statements were/are very telling. You see Obama knew that very few Americans knew anything about Islam and took full advantage of our ignorance. We didn’t know that those who believe in Islam cannot possibly believe in the first Amendment to our Constitution… because to do that… to believe in the separation of Church and State… would be a death penalty to an Islamic Muslim! Islam is NOT a religion, like Christianity, or ANY OTHER religion! It is a way of life… MORE SPECIFICALLY, “death”!!! It is a promise, an oath, to swear allegiance to, dedicate your lives to… to an imaginary God, Allah, who spoke to Muhammed… who was illiterate , could not read or write, and who married 11 year old little girls and …from time to time… communicated with/through the Angel Gabriel!

You must do all of this based upon a trilogy of beliefs… teachings where disobedience could very well result in your death, do not “dis”…Muhammed’s Spoken words… Nor his written words, (but he couldn’t read or write)…perpetrated to be his, but were not…nor dis… his actions! After sacking Medina he sat with his 11 year old wife and watched as his fol-lowers beheaded 800 Jews who refused to submit.

“Death to the Infidels” , (NON-MUSLIMs), that’s you and me, they preach…we will kill All Infidels, they chant!

Americans do NOT believe in Islam, because we believe in the First Amendment…Separation of Church and State…and we are a Constitutional Republic!! ALL Americans take an Oath or Pledge at one time or another to Pledge Allegiance to the United States of America! That’s the way it is! Get Used to it or get out! Omar and the rest of her crew are all a fraud…just like Obama…they cannot believe in our constitution and believe in the Quran…NOT POSSIBLE…without lying!

We do NOT believe in actions that are against the law here! Muslim killings called, “honor killings”, are called Murder by us! To believe in Allah, Islam, honor killings and to believe in the separation of Church and State is not possible! There must be a lie in that situation…so which is it? What do you believe…is Hussein Obama …one of us or one of them?

You Muslims, who took the Oath for Citizenship, can have your citizenship revoked if someone can prove you violated that oath… lest there would not be an oath…would there? Hussein Obama knows that America did not know that to believe in Islam… is to face death… if one believes IN OUR FIRST AMENDMENT to the Constitution. Indeed, the very first sentence. So he took his Oath of Office on ….you guessed it, the Quran. Which means he took his Oath to “Allah” …dumb asses!

At least in Christianity we have a real God who lived, walked, spoke, could read and write and perform miracles that were verified by thousands but does not demand we kill others simply because they don’t believe in him, his words, his deeds!

But, in my opinion, Hussein Obama is NOT about religion…he’s about greed, arrogance, POWER ,”the ends justify the means”…that’s Communism, that’s ISLAM …anything “goes”, ANY-THING, as long as it betters Islam, expands that caliphate.

I believe there will not be a fair election unless we go back to paper ballots that a voter can push a button or pull a lever and SEE his paper ballot votes posted… no electricity, no flash drives; JUST a voter who saw his/her vote cast. That’s no more complicated, time consuming than the registration process… just take one more step, with a small privacy curtain… duh!

Computers… in my opinion, any computer, for voting, can be compromised and if anybody believes otherwise then he/she should come for-ward and become a billionaire immediately. China or the US will grab it up faster than a hypersonic rocket! For any voter computer company, to try to make people believe their voting computers cannot be compromised is a folly, in my opinion, a lie… please explain how FOX was able to show the audience, how it could be done… twice?! In order for that to be practical, it has to fit in voting venues, be affordable, without water cooled lines and millions of dollars each. Computers cannot be uncompromisable and be practical, affordable to place millions of them as voting machines.
Paper ballots are cheap ,easy, approved and could be accomplished THIS VOTING CYCLE, my opinion!

Now, for Obiden what he’s up to…hey Joe ,wake up, your turn//???////,,,…..//**&&%$$$and more $$$$$$$$. Hey Joe, China controls all our sea ports and our fighting ships aren’t ready to fight… China is coming…? What’s that, ask what? “Where’s your
money” …China said they, “gave it to Hunter”.