I cannot remember the number of times I wrote a column that most found not only informative …but also “common sense”. Then, once in a while, someone with the a total lack of knowledge of the topic…doesn’t attack the facts because he can’t and…they attack the writer! Actually that’s good because I know for certain, when that happens… “I’m on THE RIGHT SIDE”! That’s a very old trial tactic…when you can’t attack the evidence, attack the witness!

You see, I believe, most of life is “common sense”.  Too many coincidences make a fact…if there’s smoke, there’s fire. The person who farts, is usually the guilty party who’s pointing their finger at you! Of all the current politicians, today, who blames someone else the most, never admits he‘s wrong? Can you guess? If you listen to Crazy Joe Obiden you will quickly learn crazy Joe Obiden and his followers blame Trump for everything.  Oddly enough the two scoundrels that are the true culprits…Hussein and Obiden are guilty!

If you are deaf, dumb and blind, you know President Trump provided the safest Southern Border that there ever was. I worked side by side with the Border patrol and Customs on the Northern Border. Everyone in the Border Patrol had to do their time on the Southern Border which was deemed the most dangerous job in the country…#1! For decades it was a hell hole and most Border Patrolman were shot at…even from Mexico! It was rare when FBI Agents were fired upon with a few exceptions…the New York Office Bank Squad and Gotti Truck Squad. I was on both and saw that first hand.

That didn’t end until President Trump stepped in. Well …it never really stopped but was significantly reduced! Ask any Border Patrol Agent, “ who made the Texas Border safer than it ever was”? Common sense, folks. That’s why Pelosi, Obiden and many others used your tax dollars to install alarms, camera, AND WALLS AND FENCES around their homes! . But …they don’t work! Common sense folks …what do you think…of course they do…Trump proved it. BUT what does crazy Joe do? He stopped construction that was all paid for with our dollars and then bragged about it? He tore down that wall… first EOs out of his senile mouth were OPEN THE BORDER?

Trump built the wall and it worked as he promised. Hussein and crazy Joe both said it won’t help all the while Hussein was putting up the wall at his “spy” castle down the street from the White House …you know closer to the White house the shorter the wires would be and easier the “overhear” would be!! Word has it the NSA and CIA have the Spy Castle, all wired up for the coming elections! All set for the election…does anybody have a frequency interrupter handy?

Where’s the common sense?

When the fence went up, Trump closed the border to Iranians. Our laws for the most part are based upon “common sense”. The word “reasonable” and the phrase, “What a reasonable person would believe”… pops up quite often in our laws. When the leaders of Iran began saying, “We will kill all Americans”, I believed they meant it …didn’t you? Golly gee, they freaking said it …not once or twice but every opportunity they had and then blew up the Cole, blew up our embassy’s, crashed planes into our buildings killing more Americans than the Japs at Pearl Harbor, and … they still say it to this day, “We will kill all the Americans”. Do you know what other President deported college students and shut the Border to Iranians? Jimmy Carter!!!

In 1979 our own State Department tagged Iran, THE biggest State Sponsor of terrorist Acts worldwide and Pres Jimmy Carter, deported all Iranian exchange students. To his credit Jimmy Carter, after his major blunder of supporting the Ayatollah and succumbing to his bird brain staff who urged him to swap out the Shaw of Iran for an a “humanitarian”…. really? Yes really, they told Jimbo the Ayatollah was a humanitarian …in April 1979, and 6 months later he kidnapped 52 US citizens and chanted,“Death to America”. How could a President of the United States be that STUPID? Well fork ol’ Jimbo has been out classed in the race to stupidity, by good ol’ Joe Obiden…who now holds the title as Worst F’n President of ALL time…congrats Joe you dumb SOB! My opinion.

Jimbo allowed the, out of exile, Ayatollah to take over Iran and the Shaw of Iran, to be removed. Then the Ayatollah thanked Joe by kidnapping 52 Americans and held them hostage for 300+ days. They released them faster than spit when a Republican took his oath of office…President Reagan…same day in fact!

Okay so with all what we know about Iran …are they friend or foe…remember “common sense”…what do you say? Well guess who gave that same Country $180 billion dollars IN CASH…after knowing, for certain, Iran is OUR ENEMY and we are sort of at war with them (at least they are at war with us)…you guessed it Hussein Obama …he must have been racing to beat the most stupid President title that Jimbo held …unless Hussein was intentionally committing …TREASON, in furtherance of his true goal…. to Make America Islamic!! I think I read some place that giving money (aid) to an enemy is…could be, considered TREASON. What do you think…Common sense rule should be applied here!!!

So let’s check out a few facts. Hussein Obama took over 1 million government documents with him when he left office and while he was in office. The cutesy press reported that Hussein was reported to have taken 33 million records. That’s true, he was accused. The BS press took it upon themselves to CORRECT a false attack upon their beloved Hussein and declared, “ false” he did not. That is also true. HOWEVER the truth is he took ONLY just over 1 million records. WHAT? I heard him say that when the Smithsonian Director said he did and he agreed, but promised to “return them in a year”…even though he did NOT, has not and will not return them and I’ll bet half are classified, AND Hussein did not have authority to remove the documents after he left office. That’s the truth!
Okay? Get my drift? Now let’s apply some common sense to current events…I don’t mean politics. I mean common sense. Here we go. If you park your car and leave the keys in the car, does the chance of your car being stolen increase? If you open the doors of your house and walk away, do you believe something BAD will happen to your house? Of course you do!

If you open the Borders of a country, do no “vetting”, no special Point of entry… just go from strict entry rules that existed before and go to ZERO security now, do you believe something, with a CAPITAL “BAD”?, will likely happen. How about this, let’s put out the word that we will give out money, some $2,200 to everyone who comes in, give out free airplane transport to anyplace in the USA and provide housing even if we have to displace families and school kids and on and on and on. I’ll change that question from “Can anything bad happen”, to “Can anything good” come from that scenario? You and I would be a definite NO…Hussein would say YES…Islam. COMMON SENSE! Smarten up folks nothing good is coming!