None and I mean NONE of the so-called scientists from whom Democrats solicit information for CLIMATE CHANGE opinions, ever provide answers to these simple questions…

  1. What is Climate? Define it! What elements contribute to our Climate …example … temperature, precipitation?
  2. Of those elements (things) that you say makeup our climate, which ones do you claim you can control and how?  Example: How would you control the Earths’ temperature or precipitation…both of which share an impact on Climate Change, do they not?
  3. Oceans and major inland lakes like the Great Lakes impact the Earth’s temperature significantly. Parts of Alaska have 25ft tidal changes…how do you propose to control that?!  Reduce CO₂ in the atmosphere…get real?
  4. The biggest contributor to Climate and Climate Change is…none other than the Sun…how about that…or do you disagree? Keep in mind the Sun controls everything from the Earth’s orbit around the Sun which controls your seasons, temperatures, tides, virtually…EVERYTHING…on Earth!  Reduce CO₂ all you want, stop all CO₂ fossil fuel use you want and what you will do is punish those who rely upon the God given consumable fossil fuels that provide your “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, which are provided to you by God and protected by your Constitution and Bill of Rights! Democraps are going to “Fundamentally” change that…Hussein Obama’s words. New York Governor Kathy Hochul has already passed laws to eliminate the use of fossil fuel…she thinks!

ANYONE, who believes man can control Earth’s climate or climate change, in my opinion, is either …a moron or lying for a cause! Which is it …Joe Obiden, Al Gore, John Kerry?  The three of them together put as much “gas” into the atmosphere as China and Russia combined!

The world and more specifically America cannot exist without fossil fuel…fact, not supposition!

85% of your electricity is supplied by fossil fuels and 10% by nuclear which is outlawed /prohibited in New York and many more States…so…what’s the plan to replace…please don’t say solar or wind…that’s like giving your child toy Electric Plant Erector Set, to power your house!

Regarding this Climate Change “threat” …only an ignorant, greedy, uneducated, scoundrel… elected, high ranking, public official… would weaponize Climate Change…which has existed since the beginning of time! Only Hussein Obama and Joe Obiden, in my opinion, would try to claim the “Sky is Falling…run chicken little, run (climate change is coming)” …to scare the people they both swore to protect, to give them a way to “come to our rescue with a “fundamental change” …to Islam… THE biggest threat to the World!!

Who could possibly be that corrupt? Hussein and Joe, in my opinion… to divert the public attention away from something of greater importance…remember “the end justifies the means”! Treason…overturning, taking control, NOT of Climate Change but of America, our government and overthrowing her from a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist, Islamic Nation…They divert your attention from something real, like Treason, to something imagined, like Climate Control?!

Trying to “fundamentally change America”, in my opinion is TREASON.

Gaps in the Ozone layer, hot spots in the atmosphere, Sunspots capable of destroying planet Earth exist and all impact our climate!

Here is the kicker…Science has no idea how to control what causes holes in the Ozone! Science has no idea what impact the Ozone holes have, why large amounts of Carbon fall into the Oceans every year giving new Ocean life to algae and fish, or for certain, what came first, Ozone or CO2!

Here’s what NASA says when asked if carbon dioxide causes holes in the Ozone… “Yes and No”. Excuse me but in my opinion that means, “We don’t know”.

Here’s some direct quotes from the Heartland Institute web site explained below   …

  1. “There cannot be a climate crisis when temperatures are unusually cool.”
  2. “Virtually every alarmist climate prediction has proven false.”
  3. “Carbon dioxide and warmer temperatures are a blessing, not a curse.”
  4. “Climate change policies cause far more harm than climate change. “

Directly From Heartland Institute, explanations …

“CLIMATE CHANGE The so-called climate crisis is a sham.”

  1. “There cannot be a climate crisis when temperatures are unusually cool. – Scientists have documented, and even the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has admitted, that temperatures were warmer than today throughout most of the time period that human civilization has existed. • Temperatures would have to keep warming at their present pace for at least another century or two before we reach temperatures that were common during early human civilization. • There can be no climate crisis – based on the notion of dangerously high temperatures – when humans have thrived in temperatures much warmer than today for most of the last 12,000 years.”
  2. “Virtually every alarmist climate prediction has proven false. • During recent decades as temperatures have modestly warmed: Hurricanes Tornadoes Drought Wildfires There has been a decline in the global number of hurricanes and America recently underwent its longest period without a major hurricane in recorded history. There has been a decline in the number of killer tornadoes. America has recently set records for the least amount of the country experiencing drought and there has been no increase in global drought. NASA satellites have measured a substantial global decrease in wildfires in recent decades, continuing a long-term global trend. • The mere fact that ‘global warming’ has not ended all extreme weather events doesn’t mean that global warming now causes all extreme weather events. By nearly every measure, extreme weather events are now less frequent, not more frequent. • For a fuller examination of alarmist climate predictions, see The Heartland Institute / / For more info, contact us at
  3. “Carbon dioxide and warmer temperatures are a blessing, not a curse. – Scientists have documented that cold causes 17 times more global deaths than heat. Any warming trend has saved, and will save, far more lives from cold deaths than it will cause from heat deaths. This is also true in America, where far more people die during winter than during summer. • NASA satellites have documented a remarkable increase in global vegetation in recent decades, which NASA attributes directly to more atmospheric carbon dioxide. This is a tremendous benefit to plant species, animal species, and ecosystems throughout the world. • Global crop production, and crop production in nearly every country, set new records on a regular basis with longer growing seasons and more atmospheric carbon dioxide. • Virtually every form of extreme weather event has become less frequent rather than more frequent.”
  4. “Climate change policies cause far more harm than climate change. – Anti-fossil fuel policies raise prices and fan the flames of inflation. • Anti-fossil fuel policies send money and jobs from America to China. • Anti-fossil fuel policies make America dependent on the goodwill of hostile nations for our energy security. • Wind and solar power are the antithesis of land conservation and require developing huge swaths of undeveloped land. • Wind and solar power kill millions of birds, bats, and other species each year. • Wind and solar power rely on forced child labor in Africa and slave labor in China. The Heartland Institute /…”

If the Republicans do not put everything else aside, become unified for ONE AND ONLY ONE CAUSE and that is winning the next Presidential, Senate and House elections…there will be no more elections as we know it…just one big swamp…controlled by one Ayatollah and his band of thieves, my opinion.

Why in the world would the Republican Party appoint a person whose father is a RINO, not a team player, a proven loser…to such an important job? He blew a very good chance of becoming President, my opinion, during the debates!! Do they think he doesn’t espouse his hatred for the best President the US ever had, Trump, to his beloved offspring?

Replace the RNC Chair, Ronna McDaniel, nee “ROMNEY”, who has done NOTHING to strengthen, unite, “her” party nor done anything to ensure that audits at all voting venues are taken by both parties with trained personnel to ensure the paper ballots agree with the computer tally at EVERY voting venue, at any and all cost! I believe it’s necessary for a fair and honest election, my opinion! Use trained Republicans and pay them to do a job that the world is depending upon!