Some ideas …but please don’t try this at home.

We must first establish and identify a goal, an ideal, and most importantly our biggest stumbling blocks…

Let’s get started. We must gain control of the highest offices…positions…and then control those we pick (they must be very “controllable”), and we are on the way! Next is the control of how the existing laws that govern everything are applied and to whom! Screw the14th equal right Amendment, and the rest of that Constitution crap…like Nancy Pelosi said after Obama became Ruler, “We won so we get to decide”…everything.

At last, Obama’s change is here, we are a Socialist Nation…soon to be an Islamic Socialist Nation.

Who should be the Boss, the Ruler, the PRESIDENT? Obama picked Biden! Good pick by the person who said, “I’ll run my third term from my basement…with an ear piece in my faux President’s ear…so I can control his every word, sentence by sentence”! Next the House and Senate and then the nations’ prosecutors and enforcers. That’s the State and Federal Attorneys General, the local District Attorneys and then the Police and lastly the Military! But how do we get them into all those spots? LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL and do anything else you have to do …remember, “The end justifies the means”! Isn’t that a communist motto?

If only Joe stays together a little longer…no way we want a President Harris…she won’t take orders!

Our GOAL is to create CHAOS, encourage rioting, then blame it on our opponents. IT WORKS!!! For example…just look at how great that scheme worked on the southern border.

Hire imbeciles (like Mayorkas) to direct all law enforcement to “stop”, “do not enforce our immigration laws”… and become a “non-existent” force of Christmas past. Allow all to enter unimpeded, aid them, give them gifts for coming…food, shelter, transportation, medicine, health assistance, and a “VOTE FOR JOE” T-shirt…sort of a business card! Make certain they know who let them in and who to vote for!

Then blame Trump! Its all Trump’s fault…isn’t it, that’s what Schumer says? He wouldn’t lie or would he?  Trump stopped the illegal aliens, Trump enforced the law that Mayorkas is breaking, every day! Why hasn’t Garland charged Mayorkas, as such…where’s Obama’s/Biden’s, AG Merrick Garland? There he is, doing nothing about the law breakers, hey Garland, “Keep up the great job you’re doing…do nothing”…“He’s the best do nothing AG America ever had”. God Bless Garland!

Think about what I just said… Biden, Mayorkas, Garland, and others are complicit in alien smuggling. They are in fact Coyotes’. Do we believe Garland knows nothing about it? In that case they should be impeached and charged with Criminal Negligence, violating their Oaths of Office, and many other crimes. Unfortunately, stupid…is not a Crime.

Sorry, Please, don’t tell anybody I said that…it isn’t supposed to be a part of our plan!


Organize gatherings and join others that are organized by “the enemy”…dress alike and cause rioting…burn down businesses, destroy our history by dismembering statues, as we need to destroy the foundation of America, free enterprise…sort of MAKE FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES…to America. I recall someone running on that idea…who was that? Oh…I remember…Hussein Obama!

We must bankrupt the richest country the world has ever know…a daunting task…but take heart, we CAN do it. We have a BIG money backer, 250 offices left over from Obama’s election and 250,000 workers. You must have faith, Democraps can screw up anything…even America. What a start!

In one short year they screwed up everything important…nobody can do that by accident…not even Jimmy Carter. I knew Obama could truly ruin everything he touched, the man is remarkable, and especially with George Soros’ backing…don’t you agree?

From immigration to gas and oil, from crime and lawlessness, from prosperity to the worst inflation since “The Great Depression” …from supply…the lack thereof…to no baby formula. Folks, you cannot make this up…nobody  can do all THAT by incompetence, insanity, mistakes…it is pure ANTI-GENIUS.

Spend ridiculous money on ridiculous things, like on how long it takes for a pregnant snail to cross a street versus a non-pregnant snail…do snails get pregnant? Spend $200 million on that…that’s a good one…anymore? How about this…“Do chickens have lips”?

How to spend America into oblivion? Spend, SPEND, SPEND,SPEND!

Give all to those coming in, startup cash, fly millions of them all over the country (but tell the pilots to go slow so as not to put too much CO2 in the atmosphere), and put them up in $500/night rooms…Still have money left?

Shut down the biggest money maker in America, the things people will fight for…FOOD, SHELTER, and ENERGY! Great idea! Kills 2 birds with 1 stone! Puts fossil fuels out of business and kills America in a quiet death…sort of, Solar Power-less! Ha, ha, ha, I’ll bet CNN will pick up on that……..sometimes I just can’t stand my Genius!!

Interrupt their ability to communicate, to keep in touch with their loved ones…cut off cell phones, emails…shut down the INTERNET!!!

Don’t forget to blame the Republicans…Putin…Big Foot.

Accept blame for NOTHING!!! Caution…only use Big Foot as a last resort…he smells!

When things are really getting bad, create more chaos by distraction…get an aggressive leader to make a war some place, any place …it doesn’t matter…just kill people …viciously, so vicious it makes Americans forget about their $6 per gallon gas and empty food shelves, and act as if you are MAD AS HELL…holler, point your finger…whisper, cover your face…get advice from someone who is really despicable….hmmm, Hillary, she’ll know what to do! I believe she may have come up with the baby food idea! Whoever did that…Great work…it’s better than just killing the babies after they’re born…no abortions needed here. We’ll just starve them to death!!

Those Democraps …you just got to love’em!

Cut our energy production by 5 million barrels of oil per day and buy exorbitant priced oil from Putin to finance his war effort…but he has to make it look good! What’s that you say? We did it and Putin went for it…WOW!


How about this…take away all our citizens’ cash by saying we are changing to “digital currency” (already under study by Biden’s staff). Why do that? Digital currency, like “Bitcoin”, is easy to control, easy to take away, devalue, and backed by NOTHING!  What did you say?

LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY, that just happened the other day….not maybe …it happened…for REAL!

What Bitcoin just did yesterday is, IT CRASHED…investors lost billions! Who the hell let the cat out of the bag…someone said Schiff must have leaked it…boy if it was, Nancy will sure be mad?!? Schiff must not have gotten the memo…that was supposed to happen AFTER we switched…what a dummy!



Get the LGB-ABADABA-A-Z out of the White House, out of our schools, the Military, the police Departments. GET FREAKING REAL PEOPLE!

ENFORCE the laws on the books. Get rid of the people like Lori Lightbrain, Kim Fox, Bill de Blasio, Governor Newsom, and DA San Francisco Chesa Boudin, Stacy Abrams, and stop putting activists in law enforcement jobs, who were bought and paid for by one single Oligarch…then whine because your daughter was raped by a two time loser who was “OR’d” out of jail the previous week… just came across the Rio Grande or was dropped off at 3 am in a private airport in WDC on a plane you paid for and Biden chartered, to smuggle them in!!

GET REAL or GET DEAD, my opinion!


Breaking News for FBI Director Wray…

The FBI cannot monitor US citizens without a Title 3, Search Warrant. A FISA Warrant is not a substitution for a lack of Probable Cause! To try to circumvent the Constitution, like Comey did, to monitor a US citizen, Carter Page, by using the FISA court is illegal…is proving to be a BIG mistake! The other shoe on that matter hasn’t dropped, yet! Do not allow misguided Agents, who never worked a Title 3 case, draw you into a misuse of authority like what happened in the Carter Page case. That led to illegal wiretaps on other Citizens. I believe there will be personal consequences in those cases! Like triple damages! Read the Statutes, Mr. Director!