All I know about AG Barr is what I have read…the same goes for the new guy, FBI Director Wray…and with him, I am not impressed.

Regarding Wray — he is garnishing his knowledge from “experienced” FBI Agents with either little or no criminal background or no common sense. Instead of defending the former Agents by giving them DOJ Council when we know they are corrupt, he should be pursuing them. Instead of withholding documents that are stamped “Classified”, for no real reason, except to keep from further embarrassing the Bureau, he should release them. Instead of being forthcoming in testimony, he does as Comey did, and hides behind the “Secret” vail. For Wray…listen Mr. Director,  the jig is up …we all now know that Comey, Brennan, Clapper, along with Page, Baker, McCabe, Strzok and “others still employed” are corrupt, committed several serious violations of Title 18 USC, must be charged and punished, and you are apparently listening to the wrong people! If you believe that no other Agents knew of the corrupt way Comey, McCabe, and Strzok were running the Clinton and “let’s get Trump” investigations…you must believe that chickens have lips. Ever heard of Misprision of a Felony?

You should be working to put the guilty in jail, rid the Bureau of those who were complicit, and restore the integrity to the FBI and NOT playing “circle the wagons” with these idiots!

AG Barr…what the hell are YOU doing…?

I could write arrest warrants, right now, with solid PC, without regard to promises made of immunity from prosecution, from their own statements, on just the prima facie evidence that’s on line and testimony I personally heard, under oath, for Christ’s sake!! That goes for Hillary, most of her staff, Comey, Rosenstein, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker, Yates (every single DOJ employee who signed the Carter Page FISA warrants)…how’s that for starters?

I wrote of Joe Biden’s confession, that was televised, to committing Hobbs Act-Political Corruption, Extortion last year and that the President should order an investigation of Biden BEFORE Biden even announced his run for president. I urged the President to get directly involved with the lack of progress on all these investigations and lack of investigations, on high ranking current and former government officials…now… and to stop saying…“I wish “they” would investigate so and so…” because HE is the “they”…he is the Chief Law Man …Mr. President, just order it done!!

He should be trying to confirm that Biden did as he confessed and then order Barr to indict Biden NOW.

On 4-22-19, I wrote “…The former FBI Director (Comey) said on National TV, as we all saw and heard, that the Dossier is “salacious and unverified”, in January 2017. The Carter Page warrant was issued October 2016, four months earlier and signed by Comey!!! If it was unverified in January 2017, it was unverified in October 2016!

There is no legal doubt that the Dossier was primary PC to the Page warrant, ADIC McCabe said so, and that the Dossier is useless for PC (for Page FISA warrant) whether Hillary handed Steele the million cash personally or claims she has no idea Steele was paid 1 million dollars of her money! If one reads the purchase agreement Hillary signed to purchase the DNC, one will see that Hillary must approve all expenditures…so if the DNC paid Fusion GPS which paid Steele, Hillary is correct, she is “fucked”, as she said after the CNN debate!!!

But that is just one crime Hillary and ALL the signors of the 1st Page warrant committed…there are many, many more! I believe most or even possibly all of the Mueller convictions will be reversed by the Courts. Most certainly all the cases that were initiated using the Dossier will be reversed, and if they are not, the President must get involved and wipe them all clean…not just “pardon”, get the cases back to the court and order the FBI to identify all the Mueller cases that used the Dossier for PC and provide the court with the “new” evidence and order him to dismiss the conviction and expunge their records!

Anything…I mean anything, that was initiated by the Hillary/Steele Dossier is illegal, period…”

AG Barr, I don’t see how you can avoid indicting Comey, Yates and ALL the FISA warrant signors…I signed too many Title 3 Affidavits to see how there is any way around indicting all those who signed and knew or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that the Steele dossier was “unverified, salacious and phony”…!

Don’t fall into the Washington trap, it’s below your dignity!

If you don’t move to indict, then you might as well stop making it necessary for any signors to “swear” that their affidavits and wiretap applications are the Truth!!!While you’re at it…take the oath off of ALL warrants…search, seizure, arrest and in fact do like Canada was doing and just let Law Enforcement write out Writs Of Assistance for search warrants!!!

That’ll make the Socialist/Democraps real Happy or…gay!