If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny! Virtually, EVERY Democrap candidate, in their own cute, little annoying way, is actually, certifiably, NUTS! AND that’s no s__t!

Just think about what they say…“Raise your hands if you want ALL illegal aliens to receive free health care”, said the debate questioner and every single one of the 20 morons raised their hands…every single one!

Now they’re not talking about those who came here legally …obeying our Rule of Law. They’re talking about those who came here by breaking the laws you and I have to abide by or pay dearly for breaking! PLUS… those who are here legally….because if you give free stuff to “illegals”, doesn’t it follow that those here “legally” should get the same free stuff?

THAT IS INSANE! We can’t afford our own medical bills, can’t afford to put our parents in “assisted living”, and these geniuses want you and me to pay for free health care  for “illegals”…how is that even “sane”?

Then the statements these morons make…are they really lawmakers and lawyers…how could they be…they have no idea what the laws they signed even say?!

They have no concept what “Conspiracy” is. They don’t understand that there is no legal term in the Title 18 US Code Book called “collusion”. They believe the President can be “impeached” for just talking to a foreign leader…when THAT’S HIS FREAKING JOB!

When the “vice” President of the previous administration admits he used his office to extort money from Ukraine, and forces the firing of their Attorney General who is investigating Biden’s son Hunter and the company he represents, it is the duty of President Trump to enforce the laws that his predecessor, President Hussein would not enforce!

Understand this…as much as you Democraps don’t want to admit it, understand it or accept it…we elected this President over the criminal you offered (Hillary) as your choice! Your choices have gone downhill from there!

If you don’t want to continue under a Republican leadership, STOP electing brain dead 5 year olds in 30 year old bodies who don’t know what a garbage disposal is, who never read our Bill of Rights or Constitution, who want to RULE instead of lead under a “winner takes all”, Socialist country where the “winner” makes the Rules and NOT a Constitution!

Elizabeth Warren is crazy…she fantasizes that she is an American Indian, out on the Western plains, fighting the White Man and the “blue legs” (cavalry) …she really does! She obsesses about impeaching this President, not for “high crimes and misdemeanors” but just …because! She needs to read the laws that her Congress and our forefathers passed when they wrote the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. You MUST follow those things Liz, you cannot fantasize your way into the real Presidency!

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…this Nation will NEVER elect a senile old bastard who honeymoons in his favorite country, Russia, when it was a true Communist country, who wants to be a real Commie but says he’s a Democrap/Socialist instead! Someone who wants to do away with private ownership of businesses, and give free things, at our expense, to those “you” believe deserve our money…more than we who worked for it!

Kamala, she’s smart. She agrees with whatever is popular at the moment! How can you go wrong with her…I’ll tell you how, by electing someone like Kamala la,,la, la, la, la who has her finger on a Nuclear button…“Oh damn…they changed their minds?…where’s the recall button?” “What do I do now?”

Then there’s “Beto”, who can’t use his true name, “Bobby Fran”. In my opinion Bobby, you should have picked “Bobby Jack” and said you want to give all Americans 50% off coupons to buy AR 15’s, instead of a phony name like “Beto”,  and tell us you’re going to take our ARs…just try that Mr. Beto…! You know …you are the only “Beto” I ever heard of…what is wrong with your “God Given Name”…Bob? That makes us wonder if you are as phony as your name…well are you?

Then there’s my favorite…Pete Buttigieg, an admitted “Gay” person. You know…Pete…I personally don’t care what or who you kiss.  That’s your business, and that should be VERY personal. How could somebody who can’t keep his personal, most private, sexual choices private…keep our TOP SECRETS, Secret?  I’m just wondering…not about me, but about you!

Joe Biden, as I wrote a long time ago, when there was no Rule of Law and Hussein and people like Joe, ruled the Earth and threatened to rescind billions of dollars if they F___ED with his son Hunter! I called for Biden’s arrest then for Hobbs Act-Extortion…and I called for an investigation again after a real President won, and again in July of this year. Perhaps the President listened to me, again…! Joe…I’m betting that there will be NO drum beating by you…you don’t have to worry though…Bubba doesn’t like senile, old men, he’s waiting for Comey!

I could go on and on about the other losers you have but I’ll save that until they narrow the field some more. They are realizing, on their own, that they are losers and dropping like flies.

Remember this, we had a Socialist who did his best for 8 long years to make this an Islamic, Socialist Nation…and failed. What he did to damage our economy, military and Rule of Law has been greatly corrected even though Hussein said, “It is impossible” to bring back manufacturing jobs to America…impossible for a Socialist/Islamic/Commie, Democrap but not for the businessman we elected…Donald J Trump! Get over it, and do your freaking jobs….Nadler, Shitty, Swallow, Schumer, Pelosi …before your constituents smarten up and replace you like they are going to do to AOC, Tlaib, Pressley and Omar!!!

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