A. G. Barr…Present to the Grand Jury and Indict!

A. G. Barr…Present to the Grand Jury and Indict! There Is Plenty of Probable Cause to Indict and the Agents Who Investigated Can Present the Various Cases ..Start with Hillary and Don’t Allow This to Drag Any Longer!

On 3-15-18, THE RIGHT SIDE wrote: “WHAT COULD MCCABE KNOW? WHO COULD HE BURN” “It’s been reported that McCabe has said that if he doesn’t get his pension he will “torch” the FBI! What he means is, if he is fired, he will burn everybody he can! What could he possibly know? Let’s think about that.

McCabe was made the #2 man by Comey. He occupied the same position of trust and confidence that Clyde Tolson had with J. Edgar Hoover…you might remember them. Tolson became “deep throat” when Hoover died and L. Patrick Gray got Hoovers job, instead of Tolson.

As the #2 man, McCabe should have been Comey’s most trusted confidant and been aware of everything that Comey had going. He would have met with top executives of all parts of government including NSA, CIA, Military Intelligence, the Attorney General. That means he probably met with Clapper, Brennan, Susan Rice, AG Lynch, AG Holder, DAG Rosenstein. He had to have conspired with Comey, Rosenstein and Bob Mueller on how to get Mueller involved after Comey was fired; to “get Trump” for the firing of Comey … a vendetta of sorts. So they tried to get Mueller appointed as the FBI Director, again, but Trump isn’t as stupid as they thought. “Curly, Larry and Moe” (Comey, Rosenstein and Mueller), must have thought that Trump is as dumb as them! President Trump must have said, “Gee, thanks Bob, but if I want to commit suicide, I’ll give you a call.

So they put plan “B” in place, the next freaking day!

Comey would leak info that they believed would cause a Special Prosecutor being appointed by…none other than Rosenstein!

Isn’t that exactly what Comey said he did, and exactly what happened?”

TREASON-ESPIONAGE-SEDITION-ATTEMPTED OVERTHROW OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT — sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it? That is EXACTLY what a LARGE group of well organized, high ranking, government officials, attempted to accomplish and …almost succeeded! If we didn’t have a very strong, patriotic, duly elected President Trump…the bastards would have succeeded!

Long before 3-15-18 I wrote that I believed that there was a major Criminal Racketeering Conspiracy underway lead by Hussein Obama, being carried out by Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, Yates, Hillary and many others. The Conspiracy was to defeat the then candidate Donald Trump and later, to depose, destroy, impeach, and I believe these heroes probably talked about doing to Trump what they did to Justice Scalia…that is to invite Trump to a hunting trip in Texas!

Brennan and the Clapper are screwballs…they are both freaking “nuts” and are capable of anything and would do what Obama told them to do!

This entire scandal goes MUCH deeper than we know!!

I firmly believe what I have written, and I have yet to be wrong, about the FBI, the FISA warrants, the Hillary “fix”  these criminals and who must go to jail!

This is NOT just “lying and leaking”, this is Capital Crimes starting with Treason and Espionage by Hillary and the “fix” the 3 stooges (Comey-Brennan-Clapper), engineered and McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker, Rosenstein, Lynch, Yates, et al., carried out! Every single person who placed their sworn signature on ANY documents furthering the FISA wiretap warrants, beginning with the first Carter Page application, MUST BE INDICTED!!!

They all knew or should have known that the supporting documents for the FISA warrants were fake, phony, unverified, paid for by Hillary, and were intended to fool the courts! That is unforgivable, as a standalone crime, but pales when compared to their bigger Conspiracy…to defeat and then dethrone a duly elected President of the United States by “weaponizing” the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ…pure acts of Treason…punishable by DEATH!

Are you assholes listening…Clapper, have Comey explain what I just wrote!

So Andy McCabe…what to do? You have two choices as I see it, Andy. Either you cut a deal, hand up ALL or you will hang! It’s that simple.

Understand this, Andy, before I knew your name or Strzok’s name I said, “Whoever is running the Hillary email case is either very stupid or very corrupt. No one can break the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, FBI and DOJ, Rules and Regulations like they are doing and get away with it”! No experienced, criminal, real FBI Agent would ever allow himself to be compromised the way you did…! As soon as I heard you morons made HQ, “OO”, we the retired, criminal Agents all knew what you were up to, and we were correct…weren’t we? I called for your firing BEFORE your 50th, for a reason, and you know what that reason was, don’t you?!

I told you Comey would throw you under the bus and he did, didn’t he? If you don’t realize it by now…I feel sorry for you!

If your proffer hands up Comey, Brennan, Clapper and moves up the pay scale…you could bargain with the one you tried to screw, the President, and maybe…just maybe, have enough to get your pension back and do a short term in prison. Keep in mind, you face the death penalty with Treason and although you probably never worked a criminal case after your first office, and don’t know what it takes to have PC…trust someone who worked ONLY criminal cases…some really big ones too, there is plenty of PC to charge you and others right now with TREASON! Think about it… your life is literally, in your own hands!!!