When we learned that the Dossier was “salacious and unverified” from former FBI Director Comey in January 2017, and that he signed the Carter Page affidavits two months earlier anyway, (if it was unverified in Jan, it was unverified in the previous October), I was calling for President Trump to take charge of the FISA court and find out how that could happen. After all, he IS the CEO and Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States.

Now the FISA Court hires Dave Kris, a Democrat and Obama appointee, to look into the FBI that he, Obama, created and the FISA court that he, Obama and the Obama appointees, abused.

President Trump, you are in charge, according to Article 2, and must take over this new “Mueller debacle to be”, and fire Kris and put your team in to investigate the FISA/FBI/CIA/NSA alleged abuses and NOT Obama appointees.

The FISA court called in the FISA abusers around October 2016 and read them “the riot act” and made more signatures required to obtain FISA eavesdrop warrants…that’s all the departments heads. So that if “it” hit the fan …the FISA heads wouldn’t be the only ones to roll! I believe that “it” is about to hit the fan IF the right people do the investigating and NOT predisposed Obama appointees!

I would first call in the Chief FISA Justice and ask why he/she waited until now to realize that something, not good, probably happened. What made the Chief FISA Justice decide to act now instead of in January 2017 when he/she learned that the Dossier was salacious and unverified? If the Dossier was so important to the issuance of the FISA warrants, why didn’t the court recall all convictions derived from the Page wiretaps, calling for a complete review of all those wiretap warrants? Were those cases opened under “the poison tree”?

Also, what gives the FISA Court the right, authority, power to hire an attorney to investigate the FBI? That is strictly a law enforcement duty, responsibility, power, authority, and NOT a judicial function!

You talk about cover-ups? I cannot believe what is NOT going on in DOJ. There should be Grand Juries seated and hearing the cases that we, the American people, are really “pissed” about. It’s the duty and responsibility of a Grand Jury to decide if a case should go forward to trial and NOT any single or group of lawyers. Read the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures!

Any attorney who doesn’t believe there is Probable Cause(PC) to believe crimes were committed by Hillary Clinton, members of her staff, members of the Obama Administration, members of the FBI, NSA, CIA, DOJ, FISA Court, they must have NEVER prosecuted any criminal cases and should stick to selling real estate!

Present the evidence to a Grand Jury and STOP the damn nonsense, hearings, investigations, IG Reports, Congressional Hearings. There is only one way to make a case…get the evidence before a Jury and allow them to adjudicate the case with a verdict…of guilty!

If we ever get these people before a Grand Jury, the entire Obama ‘House of Cards” will crumble. The Hillary, Cheryl Mills, Valerie Jarrett, Lois Lerner, Lynch, Comey, Clapper, Bennet, Holder, Rosenstein, Ohrs, Steele, Fusion GPS, Rice, Powers, and on and on will all roll over. You can do it as a RICO case and nail every single one, including Hussein Obama, the man with 3 Social Security numbers!

If I am wrong, name one case that a Senate, House or FISA court, IG investigation or hearing resulted in any substantive convictions. Perjury is not a substantive charge and is only bragged about by Democrat, ambulance chaser, lawyers!

Mr Barr. for Christ’s sake…where’s the beef?!