During the 2015 presidential campaign, President Trump told us that the Democrat National Convention and the Clinton Campaign were “rigged”, “fixed”, “corrupt” and stacked against Bernie Sanders…and he was right on the money. Hillary, as we FACTUALLY know, purchased the debt service of the DNC and by contract took over complete control of the DNC.

ALL decisions, financial and otherwise of the DNC, including which candidates would receive DNC money, came from Hillary Clinton, the owner of the DNC…hmmm. Think about that for a second.

Hillary Clinton, a Presidential candidate herself, had to decide if the money for campaign ads, TV time, and support should go to Bernie Sanders, for example, or herself…no wonder she was so exhausted to the point she collapsed so many times…poor thing! Such stress would have killed a mere mortal!

President Trump knew all along that the 2015 Democrat National Convention was rigged and that alone should have been enough for many of you to leave the Democrat Party’s choice and vote for Donald Trump as President…wait a minute, you did…I almost forgot …he won by an electoral landslide! I want to say thank you for seeing the light and ask you to stay the course. A Republican House and Senate, with leaders like President Trump, and Mitch McConnell will get even more accomplished.

Clues that Trump is a “truth” teller should have been when he said his Campaign was drawing crowds in the thousands while Hillary was drawing dozens! The MSM never showed that either…did they? They showed Trump and no panorama of the crowds and showed Hillary and every angle of the “dozens” to look like hundreds!

The next should have been when he won, while the Main Stream Media claimed Hillary was ahead by “double digits”…so much for polls!

We ALL saw that America wanted a successful, businessman as President!

The next was when he actually began honoring his promises!

He made us energy independent! He brought back manufacturing jobs and industry! He reduced unemployment across the board so that anyone who wants to work …can! He built our military back up to where we all feel safer and began reversing the insane EPA regulations that Obama set in place to intentionally drive our economy into the toilet. He put an end to the ISIS Caliphate that Obama said was, at first, JV and then later, couldn’t be defeated any time soon! Unbelievable…isn’t it, how things could go from “impossible” to “done” in 2½ years when we elect somebody who knows what he’s doing?

What does the unthinking left do, casting aside their sworn duty to protect you and me for some sick revenge…Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, “me too” Schumer… and the entire Democrat majority in the House of Representatives…? They impeach him! For what… well…we don’t know, do we? We thought he had to commit a crime…which he apparently didn’t do.

He has Pelosi so confused that she has no idea what to do with the useless pieces of paper she thought would be so valuable to impeach the President that some say she wished she had them written on toilet paper! Maybe that’s why she’s “holding on to them” …to soften them up?

Allen Dershowitz, the Democrat, Constitutional, College Professor and Scholar says that this “impeachment” is in violation of the Constitution, and is not valid! The President must have committed, “Treason, Bribery, High Crimes or Misdemeanors” to be Impeached, according to the Constitution, and he did not …based upon the hearsay evidence that the House produced!

So this is how confused and upside down our President has the House Democrats…who just “Impeached” him:

1. the House Democrats condemn the President for killing the mastermind terrorist General of Iran (some  Democrats and MSM actually viewed the General as a “hero”)… a hero, who killed thousands of infidels including hundreds of US Soldiers and is likened to be equal to Osama bin Laden…we all remember him, don’t we??

2. the House Democrats defend the terrorist nation of Iran, where their leaders want to kill us…they keep saying and doing it, don’t they!? So believe what they say and have been doing to us!

3. the House Democrats allow, former Secretary of State, John Kerry to travel to Iran, bad mouth the President and support the Terrorists, all the while, we are, in reality, at war with Iran (them killing us and us killing them is kind of a war, isn’t it)? The next thing you know someone like Obama or Kerry will give them, our enemies, truckloads of cash, to make bombs to kill us…!? Naw…that’ll never happen, because that’s Treason…punishable by death!!!

4. The House Democrats want to allow Iran; the worlds’ leader in terrorism, road side bombs, and beheadings, to have Nuclear weapons and support a “Treaty” that would have allowed that AND condemned this President for STOPPING all that…for real… I’m not kidding…look it up!

Now tell me please…who’s screwed up…our “Impeached” President or Nancy, Adam, “me too” and their following of floundering Democrats who will soon, hopefully, be replaced by Republicans!

As for CNN and the rest of “fake News”, who question the elimination of the leading Iranian, Islamic, General of terrorism…please try to follow this logic…Iran is an Islamic nation run by radical Muslims who want to kill us. How do we know? The Supreme leaders say so every time they speak about us, and they kill us whenever they can! They are also responsible for 100% of the world’s terrorism, according to all the rest of the world’s and US intelligence sources!

Islamic forces attacked another Embassy, this time in Iraq. This President will not allow attacks on US citizens by Iran, Iran proxies or the casual, unprofessional, apprentice, Terrorist to go unanswered and wisely blames Iran for any terror attacks on ANY US citizens, any place in the world! We hope he attacks with a vengeance, Iranian installations, every time we are hit!

On the issue of advising the House before attacks…since when are the Democrat leaders in the House trustworthy? Or put in other words…should the President trust: Pelosi, Schiff, Swallow, or Maxine Waters or maybe Omar, AOC, or Rashida Tlaib, how about Booker, Schumer or somebody else in the Senate? If you were President, who would you trust in Congress…? I didn’t think you would either!


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