Ag Barr …

Ag Barr …You’re Missing a Very Important Part of Comey’s Prosecution…! the Why!

Why did Comey lie? He’s got the world by the balls…why the hell would he risk it all?

It’s not the lying that is the concern. It’s why he did it. Right after Trump won, I began writing that he must systematically rid DOJ of all the Obama and Holder hires! If it means firing 300 attorneys…I said to do it and start with the Civil Rights Unit. The one Holder sent lawyers from to Ferguson where they were censured by the Federal Judge for…“Witness Tampering”, “Evidence Tampering” and “Violation of his court orders”!

Then fire the lawyers who went to Texas and fought to give 100,000 illegals immunity from prosecution and citizenship. That’s where some 37 States sued the Federal government to prevent that from happening  and the Federal Judge there ordered those Attorneys to NOT proceed, but proceed they did! He then held them in Contempt of Court, barred them from practice in any of the +/- 37 some State Federal Courts and sent a letter to Holder…who did NOTHING!

Now do you think the CRIMINAL DOJ Lawyers, “Holder and Obama holdovers” are any different? I believe we the American Citizen are entitled to know who the DOJ Lawyers were who talked you out of that prosecution, who appointed them, and how long have we been paying them to be prosecutors.

Let’s look at the WHY? Comey’s crimes aren’t just lying and leaking. He conspired to overthrow the President of the United States, using the full power of the US Intelligence Agencies…FBI ,CIA, NSA! He made up an Intelligence Case of major proportions(2 ½ years, $35 million, 17 lawyers). With the help of Brennan and Clapper, he obtained illegal wiretaps on US Citizens using a Dossier that he almost helped to create, knew all along it was a fraud, and presented the phony document to the Untied States FISA Court to obtain wiretaps to influence the Presidential election to suit his purpose to retain his high paying, highly powerful position as FBI Director! That’s Hobbs Act, and guess what…there is a RICO case using the DNC as the Racketeering Organization and numerous predicate crimes. They committed wire fraud, Treason, Sedition, Espionage, murder, money laundering and many more predicate crimes.

Lying was nothing… it’s the other laws he violated using the lies that count. The Dossier was a lie…using that lie to obtain a FISA warrant against US Citizens is plethora of major, significant crimes and civil rights violations. It is Obstruction of Justice, and it’s a Conspiracy to overthrow the government, Treason.

We are NOT talking about Lying and Leaking Mr. AG…are we?

AG Barr, the President appointed you to reestablish the Rule of Law that Obama, Holder, and Lynch destroyed…don’t let us down…we aren’t stupid!