Mr. President…You Acknowledged

Mr. President…You Acknowledged that Jeff Sessions is the Biggest Mistake of Your Presidency…Allowing Obama Appointed Lawyers to Hang Around, (like Yates), is Another!!

Your analysis of the Sessions situation was right on the money when he recused himself without asking the President’s position. I believe you, Mr. President, hesitated to “pull” the trigger on numerous situations that, although you lacked law enforcement experience, your common sense was right on the money, every time! Well, you now have the experience of the Chief Lawman and you need to get DIRECTLY involved in the decisions being made by DOJ regarding these high level prosecutions. You cannot stand by and say, “I don’t understand why “they” didn’t prosecute Hillary”. Nor can you say the same about any of the Obama gang of liars, leakers, thieves and criminals…because YOU are the ‘THEY”. You have the final say, if you take it.  If you see something wrong, it’s your duty to step in and say, “We cannot allow the intelligence Agencies to abuse the FISA Courts and American Citizens”. Indict them!

Just because you and your campaign were victims, does not mean you can’t do your job. At every turn you said what you believed should be done and have been been correct every time.

Probable cause is not a mysterious thing…it is common sense! If it looks like a crime, smells like a crime, and walks like a crime, it probably is. Let a jury sort it out…that’s why we have trials! That’s why we have a Rule of Law…Rules of Criminal Procedures, and a Judge and Jury.

If common sense dictates that Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Obama, et al., should appear in front of a Jury …indict them, and let Brennan explain how he didn’t tell Comey to use the Steele Dossier…Clapper did it. These “people” will turn on each other like a pack of wild dogs. I’ve seen it MANY times! None of them are as tough as they think. Lois Lerner and Suzanne Powers would probably be tougher to break than any of the three stooges…Comey, Brennan, and Clapper!

It is not necessary to be an attorney to understand Federal Law. Title 18 USC is basically common sense.

When the Supreme Court says the “President has Plenary Powers” over immigration and naturalization…it mean just that…accept it. No unelected Judge in the United States has the power to overrule the President of the United States. Even dumb as Holder is, he ignored Federal Court orders against numerous of HIS DOJ attorneys for witness tampering, evidence tampering, and he ignored every one! Direct your Agencies to enforce your orders and proclamations, and ignore any court orders. Let your attorneys fight the order, but protect the American people. That’s in the Constitution, and no where does it say any Judge can overturn Presidential powers!

Why would Barr even offer a prosecutorial opinion at this point on Comey for lying and leaking? Why didn’t he just say that they are looking at the total picture and will decide later? That’s a question you need to get answered. Also, what attorneys talked him into that decision. I’ll bet they are Obama/Holder “holdovers”. I thought it was because they cut a deal with Comey. But when Comey started running off at the mouth, I knew there was no deal for his testimony against his co-conspirators!

I said, right after you won the election, Mr. President, that you need to clean house at DOJ, starting with the Civil Rights Section…to fire every single Obama appointee or Holder trained attorney, even if it meant replacing 300 attorneys!

It’s not too late.

GET INVOLVED! Don’t just let DOJ run loose…you’ve seen how that works out! You are Bill Barr’s boss, just like he listened to HIS underlings…he will listen to his boss.

The FISA case is slam dunk…the paper trail is right in front of you. It’s even online…every single signature is a sworn signature. Every time I signed an affidavit for a warrant, especially a wiretap, we all knew the consequences for false, inaccurate information and withholding exculpatory information. We had to sign off on that and the minimization rules on every wire tap…there is no excuse!! They knew or should have known the Steele Dossier is a lie and that the Hillary owned DNC hired the author. Hold every single one to answer for it! The FISA Court’s distrust of the FBI and CIA is the very reason all those Department Heads’ signatures were required in the first place! INDICT THEM ALL!