Ag Barr did not Decline Prosecution on Comey…Bubba be Patient, He will be There Soon!

In my opinion and based upon my experience enforcing Federal Laws…AG Barr is well aware that there is Probable Cause to indict Comey, and many others right now, and eventually, the AG will most likely accept a Comey plea agreement, with some prison time!

I believe what’s happening right now is…the AG is well aware of the evidence of Felony, High Crimes, and Misdemeanors at top levels of the previous administration, and those crimes  are so severe, so egregious, so numerous, that an entire team of hand selected Deputy AGs are working overtime trying to put the crimes in an order that make prosecutorial sense, that follow the Federal Rules and Grand Jury protocol. He is, in all probability, waiting for proffers from several different, high ranking officials’ attorneys from Obama time, including Comey’s attorneys, on what and who he and they can give us! Remember, I have said Comey can hand up AG Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, and Obama. Comey’s crimes are significant to say the least. On 6-20-19, I wrote this for the umpteenth time…“Comey obstructed justice by signing an affidavit for a FISA warrant on Carter Page utilizing evidence that that he knew was “salacious and unverified”… that’s a felony. He directed people to leak info on open investigations…another felony, each time. Comey withheld exculpatory evidence on the Page warrant, another felony. He lied to the President, another felony. He conspired with FBI executives to impeach a President of the United States utilizing fraudulent and fabricated evidence to create a special counsel to investigate the President and opened a fraudulent counter intel case, against the President, all crimes…”

That’s serious crimes… every single crime, involving Presidential staff and President Obama himself.  We said during the Obama crime family rein, that the number of crimes, the seriousness of crimes, and the blatancy of their commission will be uncovered during the next President’s term (which turned out to be Trump)!  AG Barr is dealing with questions like this; if Comey’s does give us Lynch, Brennan, Clapper and his staff, and they start “rolling over” (talking), which will most certainly happen, do we need to cut a deal with the ring leader Comey or should we nail the weak link, Lynch, cut a deal with her to get the former President? These are tough decisions that require very cautious planning. So the AG has not issued ANY prosecutorial opinions regarding anybody….yet…but he will! Believe me…..he will send people to jail that will shock you.

Also complicating the whole situation is former AGs and Acting AGs who issued immunity agreements to Hillary staffers like candy and violated Federal Rules in doing so. They did not follow DOJ guidelines and that is problematic. They had to get proffers from attorneys and obtain Grand Jury testimony to record and to lock in what’s covered, what is not, and what happens when they lie or other crimes, they withheld committing, are uncovered, independently, by DOJ!!! I do believe that happened…so does it kill the immunity deal if Federal Rules were violated? I honestly don’t know because we NEVER F—-d up that bad or intentionally…like they did!