Had Enough Hate Killing…? Want to Stop It..?

We cannot “legislate” “crazy” to prevent crime! That has been proven well beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, we can make these nut bags believers by putting the fear of God in them with the promise of the death penalty with NO CHANCE OF APPEAL!

Those who wear body armor and masks when they commit hate crimes, do not want to die! So let’s tell them that if you do this heinous crime, you will die, quickly with no chance of appeal, and no chance of pardon by any bleeding heart 9th Circus Judge, Governor or President!

How…? Pass Federal Legislation defining Hate Crimes as Domestic Terrorism when there are multiple deaths by any means by one or more perpetrators. Define “multiple” as more than one. Make it a Federal Crime, for “any reason”, and make the death sentence mandatory, judicially non discretionary …no appeal and sentence to be carried out no more than 30 days after sentence is passed, with no judicial recourse for any motion for stay of execution!

We MUST take emotion out of the punishment for anyone who kills 2, 5, 20, 300 people for any insane reason, including family members…that is not acceptable by our society and demands the severest of severe penalty we could possibly impose…period …no exception for any kind of insanity. If you are that insane, you don’t deserve to live among us!

All of our society is affected by multiple death killings. It matters not if it’s family members or strangers. That includes those Police Officers who rush to and not away from the gunfire, risking their lives to stop the genocide!

Taking away guns will worsen the numbers. If anything… we need more guns not less, at the scenes, in the correct hands! How did we stop skyjacking? We put guns on the planes in the hands of trained Marshals…problem solved. Expensive? No…not when you put value on human lives!

States must pass legislation mandating Police Officers, on duty, in certain venues. What’s the difference if we pay the police to protect us on the streets or in a mall? It doesn’t matter if the mall or stadium or venue is privately owned…the people have a right to feel safe…pursuit of happiness…remember? Which venues? Let the states determine which are the most susceptible in their communities. Subsidize with Federal funding, here, instead of over seas!

Instead of free stuff for illegals, the government should subsidize the local PDs for on duty protection at high volume venues!

Stop the insane, violent, kill games being sold to minors or available to minors. We don’t allow minors to see sexual acts, or porno but blowing up, beheading, or gunning down people on video games is OKAY! Outlaw ANY face covering in public for other than police or medical reasons, and arrest any violators…period. You cannot cover your identity in public. When people show up at any gatherings wearing masks, facial coverings, like ANTIFA, arrest them, on sight, mandatory 30 days in jail! Our country is based upon a system of majority Rules, within our Rule of Law. The right of one person to “cover” their face is overruled by the right of the majority to feel safe.

Representatives like Democrap Ryan from Ohio should be impeached for blaming the President for causing mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

Any politician who takes the “opportunity” to politicize a mass shooting involving the deaths of innocent people, to his own benefit, is EXACTLY who we do not need in any elected office. So be alert to those without honor, moral values, and a desire to power and money, at any cost! People like Ryan will sacrifice anything and everything to be elected. Do you want a scumbag representing you?

I expect Democraps like Booker, O’Rourke, Warren, and Sanders will play the blame game, because they too are unethical opportunists with no moral standards, as well!

These politicians incense citizens by allowing aliens to enter our country, illegally. Then they blame those risking their lives to protect us for not doing their jobs when the politicians have created the crisis by NOT doing THEIR jobs. Then they offer illegals social benefits, US citizens can’t receive, to come here illegally. They want them to receive free healthcare, free food, free housing, free education. So where was Ryan when Obama was “killing citizens” in mass shootings? Where was Ryan when Obama built the “concentration camps” where illegals are being held? Where was Ryan when Obama was calling mass shootings by Muslims “work place” violence?

A message to Ryan…Mr. Ryan, with all due respect, only a moron would believe the voting public believes President Trump is “killing” people, like you said on 8-4-19 on FOX, and you should be held accountable for your irresponsible, salacious, unverified, slanderous remarks to help your fundraising…complete moron, I swear!