There Are Those Who Lead and Those Who Follow…What’s the Difference?

Those who follow are deeply concerned about what people think about their decisions… those who lead don’t care! Those who follow make empty promises to get what they want. Those who lead will only make promises they can keep. The followers who are the worst make promises that are absolutely incomprehensible, bizarre. They make statements that are irrational and know it’s not physically, economically, or even scientifically possible…but they do it anyways. For example…the world will end in 12 years if we don’t stop global warming…really?

“If we don’t stop CO2 emissions by man, we will all die”. You know, scientifically speaking, if you could STOP CO2 emissions, in fact, we would ALL DIE!

There is no scientific evidence to substantiate the “world ending” statement by AOC. Yet, it is believed by the Democrap candidates…even though it is no more factual than Tinker Bell really exists…yet they all supported her statement, but not ONE voted for it. How freaking shallow can they possibly be?

The 20+ followers on the Democrap platform who want to lead this country as President need to realize that the American voting public is not ignorant like they are. The voting public doesn’t believe in Tinker Bell, the Fairy Godmother or free healthcare to freaking illegal aliens when they can’t afford to put their elderly parents in an assisted living residence or nursing home. Some can’t afford very needed prescription medication for THEMSELVES!

I predict that the world is not going to end in 12 years, illegal aliens will not receive free health care, none of the Democraps that are being offered as a Presidential candidate possibly will win, and the United States will NEVER become a Socialist Nation…you can bank on it!

Now if you want a leader for President, in the next election, you need to consider… who leads like he doesn’t care what people think about him. He only cares about winning for the people he swore to protect and the country he promised to make great again! Think about who brought manufacturing jobs back in two years when he said he would, and Hussein Obama said, “It’s not possible.” He also said it would take “A magic wand”… remember?

Another thing we should think about… what do those who are losing sometimes do? They lie cheat and steal, In this case, they steal votes or try to. How? Whose name was on thousands of pre-poll voting ballots… thousands of them… in boxes, in a warehouse, all ready to process…Hillary’s…that’s who!?

Who obtained questions from DNC President Donna Brazile before the CNN “Town House Meeting”? Hillary’s — that’s who! Who will soon be indicted for serious felonies…same answer!

Wanna bet?