Why Should Ilhan Omar Be Treated “Special”…She Shouldn’t!

If you were to walk into any Social Security office, in any State in the Union, to get a Social Security number and card and took witnesses to your birth with you and said, “I was born off the grid in a home made log cabin, and my parents didn’t get me a birth certificate, and I want a Social Security number”…you won’t get one!

I don’t know how a person could obtain a Social Security number unless they do like Hussein Obama did.. which was to have his Aunt, who worked for Social Security in Conn, get the number that was issued to a dead guy! That, of course, is illegal …unless you’re Hussein!

So here comes poor little Ilhan Omar, or whatever her real name is, and she runs from her Muslim homeland, not to a Muslim nation for refuge, but to the good old US of A, a Christian Nation heavily allied with Israel, which she and Rashida hate, and in my opinion, lied her way through the INS to be allowed in. She lied about her husband who turned out to be her brother and lied, lied, lied. And what do we have now… a US Congressman?! She  is so happy to be here, away from so much chaos that she didn’t have proof of birth, citizenship or name. She joins a small group of malcontents who are two more Muslims and a Hispanic who believe they should Rule the Country …or …maybe the world…before it ends in 12 years, according to Albert Einstein AOC!

The leader AOC is so dumb, she doesn’t know what a “garbage disposal” is…but she knows how CO2 affects life…really! She probably figured that out using advanced differential equations!

The other genius,  MF’s my president before she is sworn in, because she knows better ,in her small, tiny, little world, where she lived a submissive Muslim life with little or no exposure to reality. But hey, watch your mouth…she’s a woman of color!

The fourth is a zero, not worth wasting ink on.

Now these four, bad mouth the best, most loyal ally we have in Israel and bad mouth Christians, and then make their demands, because they are “women of color, they are minorities, they are women” and if we don’t do as they say then we are Racists…you know what? I can live with that!

If I’m a Racist because I don’t want pieces of crap like these four Congressmen control our Rule of Law…then call me Racist!! If they think people who fought wars and lost loved ones and quality of life just to take orders from the likes of them…they are dumber that we thought!

We, the average “racist”, who fought to keep America free and fought to enforce our Rule of Law, will not allow, disrespectful, disgraceful, bigots like you four morons, change our Nation into a Socialist or Muslim Nation…ever…or run our Country, as is!

If I were President, I would ask Israel to let you in and keep you and NOT let any of you back in!

I simply can’t wait for your time to be up in your part time jobs… let’s see what happens, now that we know your true color!

It’s funny how Rashida didn’t want to see her Grandmother until she found a free way to see her!

Oh…her trip is sponsored, according to the NY Times, by the “neo-Nazi”, anti-Jewish, terror group…Miftah!