There are so many subjects and so many crimes that it would be so much easier to run everything under one Case…and it’s called RICO, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations, Title 18 U.S.C. §§1961-1968. I am certain you have prosecuted your share. Before you say “no” Mr. AG, consider this…there are 35 predicate crimes spelled out from Mail and Wire fraud to Murder, to Money Laundering, to every type of fraud. Two Predicate crimes is all that is required in less than 10 years. I believe it would solve a lot of problems (like statute of limitation and the distance between subjects), BUT there is a common scheme and that is, get Hillary elected, and a few to protect the worst President in our lifetimes, Obama.

In my opinion, what you are facing is a Racketeering Organization within our Government involving some of the highest-ranking elected officials in Government who, under oath, swore to enforce the Laws of the United States and then proceeded to break every one. I am talking about a RICO Case with the Organization that is tantamount to the Clinton State Department, her staff, high-ranking members of DOJ, the FBI, as well as, CIA, NSA and the White House!

The biggest problem to overcome may be the Statute of Limitation on many of the criminal acts, due to the negligence by some of your predecessors or the fact they were complicit. If taken individually, that may well be the case. Like Clapper, who after lying under oath waited a few weeks after the five year Statute expired, and then smugly admitted he lied under oath, “catch me if you can”! A conspiracy statute begins with the last act committed. Most are only five years. Clapper is within 10 years!

If most of them committed two or more RICO Predicate Acts on a continuing basis within 10 years and conspired with others to violate listed offenses, I believe all, including Clapper, Brennan and Lynch, can be charged. The Enterprise could certainly be the Clinton Committee to elect her as President or even the Democrat National Party or the State Department, led by Clinton, (although that may be too distasteful) — the DNC is a much better and deserving target!

Hillary Clinton bought the DNC to further the intent of her Enterprise to alter a national election and get her elected President! She conspired with Fusion GPS and hired Chris Steele to elicit fraudulent damaging information from Russian Oligarchs Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven and German Khan on Donald Trump, to control the election of a President! She knew the information was fraudulent and perpetrated the scheme to become a $400,000 per year President plus whatever her “pay to play” scheme could pocket for her Clinton Charity, which went debunk when she lost the “play” part! Then there is the Russian Collusion Mueller couldn’t seem to find!

Additionally, do not forget the Treasonous act of selling out our Uranium for several hundred million to her “money Laundering Foundation”.

I believe in Oct 2016 the Carter Page FISA warrant was signed. The basis for that warrant was the Russian Dossier that Hillary Clinton paid Fusion GPS to produce (which firm hired Chris Steele to write/ fabricate). Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok opened the Russian investigation based upon the Dossier and the Dossier alone. There was no information or PC to indicate that Trump colluded with anybody for any reason!  Without the Dossier, the warrant would not have been issued, according to McCabe himself. Even Comey said AFTER the warrant was issued and acted upon, that the Dossier was “unverified and salacious”. That means McCabe knew the Dossier was a fraud, “unverified and salacious”. He used it anyways and withheld important information from the FISA Court. McCabe knew that the Dossier was “unverified and salacious” and paid for by Trumps’ opponent, Clinton. The fact that it was phony AND STILL USED BY MCCABE AS PC FOR A FISA WARRANT — that is going to be NO LESS than the nail in the coffin for McCabe!

When the President asked his employee, Comey, if he was the subject of an investigation, Comey told him ”No”. Now McCabe claims he opened a Russian case on Trump after Comey was fired, but he fails to tell what the basis was for this investigation. His gut feeling, as a totally inept investigator, would not get him past go on a legit FBI investigation! Is McCabe claiming that he was going to find out what the Mule team and two years could not find, “Russian Collusion by Trump”? It is not Obstruction for a Boss to fire an underling, especially when the US Constitution says he can! McCabe should keep talking because the more he talks, the less believable he becomes. There is no way Andy McCabe has any criminal experience as an Agent based upon the horrendous mistakes he made, or he is simply the biggest idiot the FBI every hired…in my opinion. His story on 60 Minutes is total Bull Shit!

The phony Dossier must have been mailed or wired. Steele and Fusion GPS owners could be unindicted co-conspirators as they made hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was the primary basis, according to McCabe (who signed it and supervised the case), that leads to an illegal FISA wiretap of an innocent US citizen, Carter Page. More crimes committed here in furtherance of the RICO Conspiracy.

Everyone Hillary touched became corrupt it seems, and when her Enterprise failed to get her elected President, her and AG Lynch… FBI… Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, et al. conspired to unseat a duly elected president through Obstructing the Clinton investigation…“make it a matter”, don’t make her a subject of her own investigation…and on and on…a Prosecutor’s dream!

Consider the players and their rolls. Rosenstein tried to get his buddy, Robert Mueller, appointed FBI Director…why…to unseat the President. When that failed, Rosenstein appointed Mueller Special Council …why …to unseat the President. When that failed (and it did a long, time ago), Rosenstein talked about doing a 25th Amendment on the President. You cannot remove a President because you don’t like him, by impeachment or the 25th Amendment!

Every act they did was to either get Hillary elected or get Trump un-elected…then what? There are several things for certain…Hillary Clinton committed serious crimes against the United States, including Espionage by her intentional misuse of SAP and other highly classified documents. She knew her unsecure, unauthorized email server was susceptible to hacking by a high school kid but she didn’t care! She intentionally destroyed 34,000 government documents including her daughters’ wedding stuff, in a panic, all of which by Federal Law were government property! All of which the Chinese government has for the asking! Mr. AG, make the case!

Every single member of Hillary’s staff should be put before the Grand Jury to find out what immunity they were given, the terms, and let them tell their stories. No matter what they say, they have a problem. Are they going to deny that they knew Hillary used a private email for all State communications? They cannot claim the 5th if they were given immunity…a Federal Judge would order them to answer. Not reporting Clinton’s use of the private, unsecure server and private email is Felony violations of Security Laws and misprision of numerous Felonies…all part of the crimes committed by the RICO Enterprise! No matter what they do, they are in between a rock and a hard place, and I believe when they feel what a real AG and Grand Jury are about, with an FBI lacking Strzok and McCabe and Comey, they will all make a deal!

Mr AG get all the players before a Grand Jury and get one of their many stories on the record. McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, et al. have lied so many times they probably won’t know the truth when they see it! Get them all on the record. Starting with McCabe, ask questions he cannot claim the 5th for, like did you ever work a Title 3 Case before filing for a FISA warrant for starters!