According to your old boss, Comey, there was no investigation open on President Trump. You say there was. What DOJ official authorized that investigation and are you willing to testify against Comey, that he lied…again? As you must know, there can be no investigation open on ANY elected official without prior DOJ authorization. Who authorized the case?

You claim you wanted to insure no one closed the Russian Collusion case that we now know you and Strzok fabricated/created. What about the “email” case against Hillary? You were faced with OVERWHELMING PC that Hillary violated multiple Federal Laws with plenty of Prima Facie evidence, yet you committed Obstruction Crimes trying to clear her — why? Strzok asked her during the outrageous interview you allowed and he conducted, in front of five attorneys and a subject/witness, Cheryl Mills, in violation of every FBI Rule in the Book, “if she received any training/instructions on the handling of classified information” and she said NO. Her NDA contradicts what she said about that and explicitly spelled out the crimes she would (and did) commit by not complying with her NDA. Why didn’t “we” charge her for any of those crimes? The violations spelled out do NOT require Criminal intent, the act of just destroying, in her situation, is a crime…just like taking pictures, on a nuclear sub without criminal intent. It is a crime! Communicating to her buddies, like Sid Blumenthal, about classified matters is also a Felony! Telling Huma Abedin to “put the classified info on another email and transmit in the clear”, is several Felonies and those emails exist. Did you not see them? I did!

Her unauthorized personal server broke every law in the books from Espionage S973 (transmitting State Department information, over a personal unauthorized means, both Classified AND unclassified, are a violation), to Destruction. She ADMITS destroying 34,000 emails, every one that was transmitted are State Department work product and State property! Yet, you couldn’t find evidence to indict? She made her personal unauthorized server government property with the very first State communication she transmitted! Get real! Either you were the most incompetent FBI Agent ever or the most corrupt …which is it?

The proper way to hand out Immunity is to obtain DOJ concurrence to grant very specific terms of immunity. Those terms must be agreed upon with the subject’s attorney with a Proffer detailing what his client can testify to. The terms of immunity and the testimony are then presented to the Grand Jury to “lock in” the deal…terms and “testimony” that the subject will be held to.

Every single one I was ever involved in required complete candor(truth) ,cooperation, was limited in scope  and not immunity for life on everything and would be null and void should we be able to charge the “grantee” , with a crime which contradicts their testimony . For example, a subject said he didn’t drive the getaway car in a Bank Robbery and we have photos, forensics and other testimony to prove he did …he becomes free game!

Did you do that with ANY of Hillary’s staff…if not why not? Understand we already know those answers!

Andy, son… please allow me to give you some very good advice. You, Strzok, Page and the others are f___ed.  Comey has already thrown you and others under the bus. He will not testify that he authorized ANY of you to leak information nor violate any FBI or DOJ Rules…it won’t happen. What you and the others did was of your own volition. Your signatures on those FISA warrants against Carter Page will bankrupt all of you because of the triple civil penalties for violating his Civil Rights, which you all did, including Rosenstein. When Bill Barr becomes AG, you will see things move the way they should.

MAKE A DEAL…give them Comey and Rosenstein…Mueller can’t even grant you immunity, he needs the AG and the AG cannot restore your pension. Only one person can, and that’s the guy you clearly showed a hatred towards and broke the law trying to Fuck because you thought Hillary was a shoe in!

Now, in order to get your pension restored, you need Trump! To get it, you have to give it ALL up! Just do it and you may get some help from the President! Don’t, then you and the rest are toast. Don’t be stupid! What do you think Comey, Lynch or Holder, or Clapper or Brennan or Rice WILL do when they are in the same spot as you? Their time will come as well. Statute of limitations?? Not if some forward-looking USA makes a RICO case out of the Hillary State Department. They committed several Predicate Crimes and there is NO statute on a RICO charge. Think about it!