Mr. President, you are the Chief Law Enforcement officer of the United States…the boss of the Attorney General and the boss of the FBI Director.

Not to blow my own horn, but I urged you NOT to make ANY Federal Judge FBI Director, and set forth numerous genuine reasons, besides the fact that almost all previous Judges appointed to be FBI Directors were mistakes. I suggested retired ADIC James Kalstrom or many other former, criminal Agent ADIC’s… but no Judges.

I said that you would not make a civilian, with no Military experience, a General…you wouldn’t appoint a civilian with no law enforcement experience as a Chief of Police…so why the hell appoint any Judge as FBI Director? They, except Lou Freeh, had no experience, enforcing the laws…only interpreting the laws…big difference!

I said don’t appoint Bill Sessions AG…you weakened the Republican standing in the Senate and at the same time weakened DOJ…I’m certain you agree.

AG Barr; I didn’t know anything about then…but now I do…he’s useless as AG!

Now I am making another suggestion…

Give Barr a direct order, to order FBI Wray to confirm what evidence Rudy Giuliani has collected and put it before a Federal Grand Jury, now!  If he refuses, fire him, we can do without him for 6 weeks and make Rudy, Acting AG and get that evidence before a Grand Jury…then you have standing, then go to the Supreme Court for an emergency injunction and go forward from there!

Put State Election personnel and executives who stopped Republican observers from monitoring and who were responsible for the count shutdowns at 11pm and/or the loading of thousands of Biden votes between 1am and 5am, in their districts under oath. Get their testimony before a GJ …now! Use “Forthwith” Subpoenas…served by US Marshals, and authorize handcuffs if they refuse. That will get their attention! You only need probable cause that there was substantial fraud.  You don’t need to prove millions of fraudulent votes …only PC in 4 or 5 States! They could face prison time, without trial, for perjury, up to 18 months. I predict over half of them will crack! What the hell do you have to lose? You only need 5 or less from each of 5 States.


Thank you for all you did for us…we won’t forget…Biden and the other loser will constantly remind us of how much we need you…God Bless!