For those of you who did vote for Biden and Harris…you really screwed up! Have you noticed gas prices have already gone up from $1.85 to $2.35? Do you think it means nothing? When it hits $3.50 a gallon (and it will), remember you had a choice.

Biden, Harris and the rest of the Radical left will attack and severely damage your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the Right against Unlawful Search and Seizure, Equal Rights…and it will cost you dearly.

It’s kind of like the Cap and Trade BS Obama and his radical team tried to pass…but failed. You see, Cap and Trade was this…we are putting too much Carbon Dioxide into the air (coal fired power plants), however…if you pay to put (pollute) carbon into the air, we will allow it. How does paying to pollute help the atmosphere? It doesn’t, but it puts money into the Ruling Class’s hands to spend to buy votes by giving, for example, illegal aliens welfare.

Understand this, these scoundrels like Obama, Biden, and Harris do not care one bit about “Climate Change”, coal fired plants, fossil fuels…what they care about is to scare dumb asses, like you, who don’t understand the truth… about their money making schemes!

For one thing, there certainly is “climate change”, for example, but do you really believe we, “man”, can change that? How naive can you possibly be?

Nobody knows what’s causing “climate change”, but every planet in our galaxy is undergoing “climate change”, some is catastrophic and planets disintegrate…but nobody knows why!

The Paris Accord is all about “carbon” …what you don’t know is this: trees and plants thrive on carbon and need 2,000 Parts Per Million (PPM) to thrive and will die with only 200 PPM…and so will you! We bounce around 400 PPM …and that is not enough! We need to increase carbon because …another interesting, but unexplained fact is this …“Mother Nature” takes the “excess carbon” from the air and deposits it in the oceans every day of the year. Nobody knows how or why! So bottom line is this…scientist’s do not “all” believe carbon is causing global warming…the fact is… they DON’T even know if there is global warming. That makes more sense than you think.

The thermometer wasn’t invented until 1750, there was no way to get to all parts of the world until the 1970’s and nobody cared what the temperature was across the street let alone in outer Mongolia or the Amazon. So let’s say people have been monitoring “global” temps for the past 40 years. How’s that compare to 4.5 billion years of unknown temperatures…genius? So the Earth warmed in the last 40 years…who cares? Really?

As Patrick Moore, Green Peace Founding Father, has said, if your green house plants are dying, back up the family Buick and run the exhaust into the greenhouse and your plants will thrive!

Climate change is a fact and has been a part of planet Earth since it was created about 4.5 billion years ago from a ball of molten lava. The center of planet Earth continues to cool and shows that fact by sending lava to the surface to remind us she’s not done cooling. So how can planet Earth heat up if she’s still cooling?

If we joined the Paris accord, we would have to agree to reduce carbon emissions…well consider this…China has 5,000 coal fired electric power plants and is building 1,000 more. Russia has 2,500 and is building 500 more.

How many coal fired power plants do we have? Answer…15!

Obama, by cutting coal plants, reduced our power grid ‘s ability to provide power from 125% to our current 85%. If we used all our air conditioners when Obama came into office and we used 100% of the power grid…we had an extra 25% electric grid power in reserve.

When Obama left office 8 years later, our Grid was at 85%, which means brown outs and not enough power to run everything at one time. With what did Obama replace the 40% power he cut by closing coal plants…nothing!

If Obama was an empty suit, Biden is an invisible suit. He has no idea what the hell he’s doing or who to believe…he is surrounding himself with people who believe the world will end in 10 years (OAC) if we don’t “eliminate” CO2, that Climate change is the biggest threat to the US (Harris and Biden).

They believe charging legal AR15 owners $200 per gun will stop gun violence! Or do they? Even though 12% of the US citizens commit 80% of the violent crimes, and 90% of all gun involved deaths to black people are committed by black people.

Why are prisons full of minorities…because they commit the crimes! It’s pretty simple arithmetic. It has nothing to do with police brutality, racism, or any other BS you hear…just look at the numbers…the facts…the numbers are not racist. Those who ignore them …are!

You are about to destroy the best good things this country has seen in 100 years (energy independent, no ISIS, no war, manufacturing jobs coming back, technology booming, economy booming, and much more)…all from a non- politician, businessman in 3 years and… he brought a Vaccine to fruition in 8 months to kill a virus, caused by the guy you just elected, Joe Biden’s best friends (China)…that’s what Donald Trump did.