I was an Agent for almost 30 years and spent most all of my career working criminal cases and wrapped up a very successful career, as Bank Robbery Supervisor. Just ask former ADIC “DOC” Coulson or my former partner ADIC Milt Aldridge if you doubt my credibility.

Mr. Director, we understand you have no investigative experience and to be honest, I strongly recommended to the President that he not appoint ANY Federal Judge to the FBI Directorship for that exact reason. Judges interpret the law but have no experience investigating violations of the law…a big difference! I likened it to hiring a citizen, with no military experience, to the position of General.

You need to understand that the FBI has sole investigative jurisdiction for investigating voter fraud in Federal elections. Those are self-initiated investigations, at the field level, by brick Agents. Headquarters is advised and cases investigated and presented to the USA for prosecution. Evidence is put before Grand Juries to lock in testimony, as politicians lie…just in case you don’t know that! You need to get the statements of those involved in the “ghost” voting between 1 and 5 am in a half dozen States before Grand Juries NOW! The integrity and validity of the election of the President of the United States is at stake!

So with all the evidence of probable cause (PC) that I have personally observed on TV and all the statements, under oath in some cases, from people who identified themselves with sworn affidavits, who have come forth in Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and others with PC of fraud… I would like to know WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU AND THE FBI doing about those instances of fraud that have taken place? That’s your PC of illegal voting?!

Mr. Director, if your answer is NOTHING, then I suggest you pull your judicial head out of that place of darkness you have it stuck and pull it out far enough for your investigative ears pop free…or resign in disgrace.

The PC that hundreds of thousands of instances of fraud took place regarding votes for Biden is overwhelming. The mathematics that Biden received the number of votes he’s alleged to have received and the manner in which they appeared and were counted… is NOT probable and not possible.  Law is based upon reasonableness, as well as direct personal evidence.

If a shot was fired close, your window shattered by a bullet and your neighbor stands in front of your house with the smoking gun in hand and spent shell on the ground…there’s PC to have him arrested and  tests conducted, to see if it was his gun…correct?

Well Mr. Director…if President Trump was hundreds of thousands of votes ahead at 11:00pm…and all Republican observers sent home, in the 5-6 States that will, at that point, determine the election…then suitcases of votes are wheeled in from under counters, in suitcases and boxes  mysteriously… sworn to by the people who delivered the votes to the counting venues …between 1 and 5 am…which I observed, myself, on video…if 80% of the votes at 11:00pm showed the President ahead by 500,000 votes and the next 10% put Biden ahead…IT”S NOT MATHEMATICALLY POSSIBLE!!!

Mr. Wray do your damn job! Get those criminals who committed voter fraud to testify before Grand Juries…get Forthwith Subpoenas and have Agents and US Marshals escort those criminals before a jury of 23 and explain what happens if they lie…no jury trial…just 18 months of jail!