I have to say that I fully believe that Barack Obama brought to the Whitehouse all the hatred Muslims have for Christians and directed that hatred mostly towards the White Right. Traits that seem to typify Democraps are so obvious that the decent Democrats (the Democrats who believe in our Constitution) believe that what they are seeing is unbelievable (like Hillary bought the Democrat Party or Schumer won’t vote for ANY Trump Supreme Court appointee)!

Think about that for a minute…9 months before the Democrat National Convention was held to “pick”, select, elect the Democrat Candidate for the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton, by a signed contract between her and the DNC, “bought” the DNC! She took complete control of all finances and decisions and eliminated the chance of any other candidate (Bernie) from being selected. She then played a game (a huge lie) as if she had no idea who would win the nomination! She even bought the answers to televised debates and then played out that lie as well.

Think about some of the other mind boggling things we have heard over the 8 years of Obama and we should all find hard to believe…Obama gave the Muslim Brotherhood, a known Muslim Terror group, state of the art US Fighters and other munitions; our Embassy was under attack and the President of the United States and the Secretary of State watched it on live TV and did NOTHING to help US Citizens under terrorist attack! They sold 20% of our Uranium to our enemy, Russia, and then gave the biggest State sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran… a country that openly states they will kill Americans and want us all dead and carried out the biggest attacks against us since WW2, 170 billion dollars in cash?!

Obama’s OFA is waging war, backed by George Soros’ money, against our freedom, against our Constitution and against the President the American people elected.

The Democrap leaders like Schumer, Pelosi, Maxine, Obama, Hillary, apprentice Democrap leaders Booker and Ellison, and others we could all name, are urging voters to wage war against elected Republicans…attack them where ever they eat, drink, conduct business. This is all an orchestrated, planned Obama/Soros last-ditch effort to take back power that the elite Democrap leaders believe was “stolen” from them! Understand that the only people who lied, cheated and or colluded was the Democrats, starting with Hillary…and she still lost…but don’t give up “we still can impeach 45”, if we could only find a reason. Since there is no reason to impeach 45, what they want to do now is get the power back (House and Senate) so they have the power to “create” a reason to impeach the President.

“What about our Constitution”, you ask? Well now you are beginning to understand why I call them Democraps…because they plan to do away with it, like Obama and create a Socialist Country with “them” granting the losers, you and me, the Rights they want us to enjoy! That’s Socialism, my friends…no private ownership…you didn’t know that? Look at all the socialist Nations and see who owns everything.

If you vote Democrat in the Mid Terms you will have Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority leader, Maxine Waters, Chairman of a major Finance committee (something that deals with money she can manage), Booker and Ellison in charge of what to do with the guns and bodies of the Christians who oppose them, Obama with his Brennan/Clapper Black Ops trying to eliminate Conservative Supreme Court Justices…like Scalia?!

…and Bernie trying to figure out if he wants to be a Czar of something or assistant Dictator of a US possession or maybe Dictator of Venezuela…yea…that’s the ticket!

To say that the Democraps are underhanded, dishonest, hypocrites should be easy to understand.

Would you do to another person what they just did to Judge Kavanaugh?

Neither would I!