We keep hearing, “What’s going on with our country”? I even hear Sean Hannity saying that on FOX but the answer, in my opinion, is clear. Obama, backed by George Soros money is STILL trying to destroy America and make it a Socialist, Islamic country. He will not give up as long as he has big money behind him. These “protestors” are not protestors, they are “professional protestors” who, in my opinion, were hired by Obama’s people with Soros’ money! They show up at restaurants before a Senator and his wife arrive. How’d they know? Either one of two ways they knew…someone tipped them off or…someone is listening to phone calls…illegally of course! Why did Obama set up an office down the street? Could it be because of a proximity to phone lines and monitoring devices that work better when they are close to the source?

Why did Obama set up Obama For America (OFA)? Why did he set up 250 offices across the country filled by 35,000 “volunteers”? Why does Obama still have his clearance? President Trump would be nuts to lean on Obama for any help so why let the former President keep his security clearance? Revoke it, now!

Revoke Hillary and Clapper and Rice’s security clearances as well. They are almost certainly selling themselves with their clearance!

President Trump must fight back and start knocking down the former Obama administration and going after those who broke the law and work our way to get Obama, and I mean put him in jail for what he tried to do to America. The easiest cases to make are the Hillary Clinton cases. The President simply must order FBI Director Wray to reopen the email and Clinton foundation cases. Huma Abedin, Podesta, Sullivan, Mills will not go to jail to protect Hillary. Why are we not putting these criminals in jail? If Sessions is the reason, then he must go.

Getting a deal with McCabe and Strzok is important. They can give us Comey. Comey can give us Brennan, Clapper, and eventually Obama. Brennan and Clapper will squeal like stuck pigs when they see a Grand Jury room and a subpoena. Check their phones around the time of Judge Scalia’s mysterious death. Ask Mrs. Scalia who called her the night the Judge died. What was said and why did they drive the remains around Texas all day? Why did she decide to cremate the remains? Who talked her into it? There were 70 potential witnesses at the ranch when Scalia died yet none were interviewed and the FBI was dutifully missing…why?

The President cannot stay quiet; he has to get the DOJ and FBI off their butts! Pull the pin on Rosenstein. He has to get a DOJ that he can trust with employees who do not have an agenda like the current top staff!

I believe that the American voters will teach the Democrats a lesson in the Midterm elections and give the President and the country a super majority in the House and Senate. They have seen how despicable the Democrap leaders are and that they are only interested in their jobs, and obstruction.