Our Constitution was founded on a fundamental premise that no governing body should be allowed to direct us on our Religious beliefs….none! Yet, here we have a direct conflict. Two elected members of Congress, Representative Keith Ellison, an alleged woman beater, and Senator Cory Booker, are both members of Congress, are admitted believers in the Quran and were allowed to take their oaths on the Quran, showing their allegiance to the Quran and our Constitution!? They swore to enforce the laws of the United States and protect and defend our Constitution on a Quran. If you have read the Quran you would understand the very obvious conflict!

The first Amendment sets our beliefs and foundation; the separation of Church and State. The Quran specifically sets the foundation of Islam: one State ruler of Church and State, an Ayatollah. There is a conflict there that must be resolved…how can ANYONE swear to our Constitutional Republic and Islam at the same time? They can, only if they are liars…big time, deceitful and unethical liars! They are swearing to protect you, me, our families and at the same time swearing to destroy Infidels (those who don’t believe in Islam); that is you, me and our families!

To Maxine Waters I say that if you want to impeach somebody, there’s your starting point, impeach Booker and Ellison. Keep in mind Booker, who has aspirations to become President, wants to, “protect, preserve and defend” our Constitution — don’t believe that for a minute! He intends to destroy the Constitution, our Rule of law and join Barack Obama making the USA a Socialist, Islamic nation.

Senator Booker, if I am wrong…prove it! It’s very simple…Denounce Islam, Allah and the teachings of Islam and pledge your allegiance to the United States! Choose a different book of faith (that would be good, let me know what it is!)! As you should know, that will make you a Kafur, when you denounce Islam, Allah and Mohamed and you will become the worst type of infidel known to Islam, according to Islam. That offense calls for death! So what are you a Constitutional, Republic, US citizen or Quran, Islamic, Muslim? It’s like you are Christian and Islamic Muslim. You can’t be both…read the Quran, I have, many times.

Then we have our favorite Democrat who we all want in jail, Hillary Clinton. Can you believe that Hillary, who used Clinton Foundation money to buy the Democrat Party; used a personal email for all her Secretary of State communications (secret or not); watched Americans in Benghazi burn to death on live drone video and did NOTHING to help…just gasped; signed off on the sale of 20% of your weapon grade Uranium to our biggest enemy Russia, a deal her husband helped broker and was paid some $750K for his trouble as a “speech”; who violated her Non-Disclosure Agreement on numerous fronts and then lied under oath that she didn’t have training but told anyone who listened how experienced she is to be President…except of course, on how to handle US Secrets, what does the President need to know about Secrets anyway, what difference does it make?!!!

Hillary, the person who hired Fusion GPS, who in turn hired Christopher Steele who colluded with Russian spies to come up with dirt on her adversary D J Trump and then blamed him for colluding with the Russians to cause her to lose the election. Folks you just can’t make this up! Then she goes on tour, charging $750 “per” to hear her say that you just can’t trust any Republicans and cannot treat them with civility, because they are…dishonest.

Hillary you had better be an atheist because there is a God and some day you will pay! I only hope it’s soon. The Democrap that comes out of her mouth is beyond the bizarre…

Vote Republican or Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer could be ruining your country with Hillary telling them how…what a horrible thought!