I managed to catch enough of the “Dr” Ford “interview” to be able to make a few observations as a professional interviewer. First of all, after 8 or 9 years of college, how could a “Doctor” not know what “exculpatory” means? Second, where the hell did they find Rachel Mitchell?

I have written several Columns, as a Retired FBI Agent, interviewer, investigator trying to explain to the public why I say, “ Just because somebody is a good lawyer (Corporate, Real Estate, Criminal) does NOT mean they are qualified to be an Investigator or even an Interviewer”.

Rachel Mitchell just did a much better job explaining why lawyers should stick to  “lawyering” and leave the “investigating and interviewing” to professional Investigators, which she clearly…is NOT! Horrible is the way she conducted the interview of Ford…just horrible! Ford lied to her several times…about flying, who paid for the polygraph test, not knowing that the Committee offered to come to the left state, that she HAS other serious emotional problems BESIDES her “sexual encounter as a 15 year old at a drinking party with high school “seniors”… give me a break! I wouldn’t allow Mitchell to interview a 5 year old who stole a bar of candy! The 5 year old would eat Mitchell alive.

I can say, 100% that Ford lied about many things. Her little girl voice is as phony as she is…she put that on. Whichever Democrap, Lawyer coached her for the weeks that they had her hidden, which they did; did a very good job. She may have had an incident with some boys at a party but she knows that it wasn’t Kavanaugh! Not one but all of the “witnesses” she named, say it didn’t happen. You say, “What do you expect”? I would expect that if that incident happened, in one of the ways she related ( she told more than one), it would not be possible to be kept secret for 36 years. Like any investigator will tell you, if the story doesn’t sound plausible, it probably isn’t. Someone would have leaked, out of fear, more than anything else…just like ALL the Obama staffers, like Brennan, Clapper, Powers, Rice, Hillary have been doing for the two years!

Any good investigator would have gone after Ford, little girl voice and all those tears. She is taking part in a derogatory, despicable, campaign to discredit a person, any person, who has been named by President Trump, to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

One would expect that the Democrap Senators who make our laws would, in the least, understand the laws they create. Our RULE OF LAW very clearly and explicably states that ALL Citizens are assumed innocent of any alleged criminal acts until proven guilty by “A PREPONDERANCE OF PROOF”, and NOT just by an unsubstantiated allegation…no exceptions! Just the word of one person, even a Dr Ford, is not enough to discredit and destroy the proven record of a Judge Kavanaugh (proven by 6 FBI background investigations and a life time exemplary record)!

Good thing Judge Kavanaugh believes every person is assumed innocent until proven guilty…imagine if all our Judges believe what the Senate Democraps believe… “ mere allegation is enough”…Keith Ellison would be in jail already, the Senate would have to increase the slush fund to silence Senate Staff sex victims…there would be a lot of innocent people in jail!

I’ve got some advice to the Democrats who do believe in our Constitution and the Democrap leaders who don’t and want a Socialist country…To the Democrats; vote Republican. To the Democraps; get out…go to Venezuela, they have many openings!

This Country will NEVER be a Socialist Nation, NEVER…not with 130 million armed citizens! That’s why our Amendments are so important especially the SECOND!