FBI Agents used to be trained to take complaints from the public. We all took our turn “in the barrel” . We all hated complaint duty because we all felt that it was boring, and useless. I felt that way until one day, while taking complaints, I took a call from someone I worked into becoming the best source that the New York Office had for almost two years!

What we did learn, while taking complaints, was how to evaluate complaints and separate the chronic complainant from a genuine case. J Edgar Hoover wisely believed that the public is the best and most important source of information for solving crimes.

Unfortunately… neither Mueller nor Comey, especially Comey, felt that way. Hoover had rules that were applied to complaint duty and taking complaints seriously. We had to respond to all complaints and follow everyone through. Hoover said that the Citizens need to know that they can pick up the phone and speak directly to an FBI Agent. Comey stopped that cold. We did have discretionary authority, though.

Comey instituted a system that took the complaint calls away from the local FBI Offices and routed all calls through a central WDC based complaint clerk. Now , and I have been checking, when you call an FBI Office it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to speak to a live Agent! In my opinion that’s how calls have been falling through the cracks like the Broward County school shooting were a Citizen tried to turn in someone he felt would actually commit a school shooting…which he did! B. C. ,before Comey…that call would not have fallen through the cracks.

What does this have to do with the left wing California College Professor…Dr Ford?

Well…I’m glad you asked…

You learn that the most important part of a complaint is the “details” the complainant knows about the crime, next is that the information is timely and lastly that there are not other motives.

So , let us say someone calls in and wants to report an assault…a sexual assault. Your complainant says he/she can’t remember when it happened or where. So you ask, “Roughly, how long ago was this assault…a couple days ago”? They respond, “No…it was about 38 years ago”. Where was it, “I don’t know, I can’t remember”!

You would ask the obvious question, “Why”? Why did you wait 38 years to report a crime which by the way, has a 7 year statute of limitation! Which means we can’t charge anyone for your alleged assault?

Who was the assailant if you know? He is the Presidential appointee to the Supreme Court. Oh …I see and why did you decide to register a complaint today…because I spoke to Senator Feinstein last July and she said I should come forward. May I ask what you do for a living? Oh I am a College Professor at a California College. Why did it take you 38 years and Feinstein 6 weeks to report this crime? ….silence, no answer!

If I took the complaint I would have referred her back to Feinstein again because, “ I can’t help you…I won’t open a case and will not forward any information to any other Agency”!

There is no provable, credible way this information could possibly have any impact on anyone and if she cannot prove her slanderous, unsubstantiated complaint, I would call my attorney Dewey Skrewum and sue her, big time!

This is not a game like the moron Democrat leaders seem to think it is. We are talking about unsubstantiated and vile accusations against a presidential appointee who has a “substantiated”, proven, and investigated no less than 6 times record, as proven by the FBI… a flawless record…and morons like Chuck Schumer say , “I believe her”…believe what? …Chuck? She doesn’t know when it was, where it took place, what the occasion was…and the witness she named said it didn’t happen.

Schumer, you dumb ass, the American people are not stupid…you’ll find out at the midterms!