FBI retired agent: A list of questions for Peter Strzok

FBI retired agent: A list of questions for Peter Strzok — Senate Intelligence Committee take heed!

Here are my proposed questions that the Senate Intelligence Committee should ask Peter Strzok:

  • Whose decision was it to make Headquarters the Office of Origin [OO] in the email case?
  • How was that communicated to you? By whom?
  • Explain how Hillary Clinton was not the Subject in the Title of her email case.
  • What exactly was the Title of the Clinton email case, the Clinton Money Laundering case and any other cases involving either Clinton…  naming classification (Hobbs Act, Wire Fraud, etc) ,and Title and Section of USC. Who created the Titles?
  • Were there, are there, any other offices named as OO, if so ,which ones?
  • Who was case agent on the email case, Clinton Laundering Case, and any other Cases where HQs was OO?
  • Were you case agent on any of her cases? was McCabe? Who determined the case agents?
  • Who was offered and who was granted immunity on ANY of these cases?
  • Were all the people who were granted immunity interviewed? If not, explain in detail why not and how that could possibly happen?
  • Who suggested/recommended immunity?
  • Was there a proffer by their attorney, if not, why not, in detail?
  • Was their testimony given before the federal grand jury to lock in the immunity agreement and their testimony? If not, why not?
  • How could the FBI know what the conditions of immunity were without grand jury testimony from the grantee?
  • Who was present during any part of the Hillary interview? Why wasn’t she told her rights? Who made that decision?
  • When she said she was not given any training for the handling of classified information, why didn’t you show her the NDA she read and signed?
  • Did you present for prosecution when she lied about the training? If not, why not? Did you present when it became clear she violated her NDA? If not, why not?
  • Who made the decision to interview Hillary with lawyers, potential witnesses and potential subjects present? Do you believe that was a “smart” or “dumb” decision and why? What does the FBI Handbook (Rules and Regulations) say about that?
  • When were you appointed FBI agent? What was your first office and what squads were you on? What types of cases did you work, how many arrests ,convictions and criminal interviews did you do? What was your next office… same questions on specific types of cases and “accomplishments”. How many years, if any, did you work criminal cases and also non criminal cases?
  • Approximately how many arrests did you make during your entire career? how many trials did you testify in? how many convictions were you credited with? how many criminal interviews did you conduct?
  • What are the FBI Rules governing when a subject must be given her rights?
  • Did FBI Director James Comey direct you to do anything you believed was illegal, improper or contrary to Rule of Law?
  • Who changed ‘Criminally Negligent’ to ‘Poor Judgment’ or some other lesser offensive act and why?
  • Why do you despise Donald Trump? What was the backup plan discussed in Andy McCabe’s office?
  • Did you ever recommend to Comey, Rod Rosenstein or any other official of DOJ to not prosecute Hillary for anything?
  • Why was the fact that Hillary Clinton bought, owned the DNC, and paid for the Trump Dossier not disclosed to the FISA Court?
  • Who opened, thought up, created ,initiated the Russian Collusion concept/case against Donald Trump and when?
  • When you signed the FISA Documentation and swore that it was true, accurate and correct… was that true?