The IG made it clear today, that the FBI Agent in charge of the Russian “Collution” investigation, ie, the initiator of the Foreign Counter Intelligence investigation, was none other than Peter Strzok! The same Peter Strzok who signed the FISA warrant on Carter Page; the same Agent Strzok who clearly displayed his bias against Donald Trump in hundreds of emails; the same Agent Strzok who set aside “physical evidence” on the Clinton email case, that was found on the Weiner’s  computer, in a folder  named “just in case” or some such folder…he set aside actual “physical evidence” against Hillary, to concentrate on a case targeting the Republican candidate for President, Mr Trump, using fabricated evidence, rumors, innuendos, and illegal wiretaps!

Why shouldn’t the president believe that, after all that evolved from Strzok being shown to be corrupt, totally biased, and discredited as a witness for ANY prosecution…(fact is he will probably be the Subject in a Political Corruption case himself), “he” is now vindicated? Who would ever bring a case to a Grand Jury with all this corruption dripping from the investigators AND the freaking FBI Director, Comey, who the IG said “followed his own Rules”, Laws and Regulations, a “higher authority” (than our Rule of Law)!

I know of NONE I ever worked with! The FBI Director, his #1 and #2 Agents, his legal advisors, who handled Hillary’s case and created and handled the Russian total nonsense, according to the IG, lost all credibility and you don’t believe that the President should feel vindicated. GET REAL! What’s Mueller going to do now?…charge the President with passing gas in public?

When Director Wray said he instituted “new” regulations prohibiting FBI Agents from talking to or leaking information to anybody, especially the press; 49 years ago, when I took the oath to be an Agent, those were the regulations then and throughout my 3 decade career. The punishment was “death” to your career and possibly jail! What’s “new”? Those 50 some people, that the IG said leaked info for drinks, should NOT be cut any slack…why should they? They broke an oath; they broke the law and must be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, period. You want to prove you’re serious Mr Director? Fire all of them!

If Wray doesn’t open cases, Mr President, on every one of those employees, the President MUST!

I’m sorry, I don’t see strength in Wray. He should have fired Strzok and others, what does it take? We just learned too, that Strzok did not make Hillary Clinton the Subject in the Title of her email investigation. Wray does not understand that Strzok  (Comey), not making Hillary and her staffers, Subjects, is a blatant attempt to protect her, an all out blatant attempt! It gets worse and worse…that is unbelievable…what the hell kind of Agents were these two cowboys? How could she not be the subject? McCabe and Strzok…they ignored every Rule and Reg there is! To describe them as “rouge” Agents would be to underestimate their total contempt for our Rule of Law…I wonder where they got the idea that there’s a “higher authority”!

I say that Lindsey Graham is right on the money when he got in the IG and FBI Director’s faces when he went on about Hillary’s email case and her tech who set up her email server, wiped it clean, was given immunity and refused to appear for questioning and was not charged with a crime?!

Mr. President, GET INVOLVED, GIVE ME A CALL…charges need to be brought…now!