I was an Agent for almost 3 decades and NEVER heard of or saw any of the FBI attorneys sit with, advise or “counsel” any Agents who were relieved of their duties and brought before either the House or Senate. I don’t understand why the FBI is providing legal counsel unless Strzok was not fired, as was reported by the MSM, but was placed on Admin leave, with pay, is still considered an employee and was afforded legal counsel to protect the FBI interests. I would believe that the FBI legal counsel should not tell any “suspended” Agents what to answer and what not to answer before Congress!

There are many things going on that we simply do not know…but here’s what I am certain of; ALL of the DOJ employees who signed off on the Carter Page overhear, FISA warrants should be suspended. They should be suspended, be made the subjects of both criminal and Administrative Inquiries by the FBI!

I want to know who made Bob Mueller the new Attorney General! Where is it written that he can  now open and assign cases to US Attorney Districts, for investigation and prosecution. What do we need Sessions for?

When is the President going to start supervising DOJ? Rosenstein has no business running the DOJ …Sessions should UN-recuse himself…There is no “collusion”, so what’s he recused from doing?

Who the hell is the Attorney General of the United States?  Rod Rosenstein thinks he is…Bob Mueller, knows he is and Jeff Sessions thinks he is but…wants the title…but doesn’t want the responsibility!?

If ever there was a need for Executive Intervention in a Federal Department, the DOJ is it.

Mr President…clean house…