In order for there to be a real Criminal Investigation it has to have teeth…large teeth! There must be consequences if the Rule of Law was violated.  Anyone watching the current Investigation by the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee with any brains at all, should be able to tell it is a complete and total waste of time and waste of  taxpayers money. Why?…for a whole bunch of reasons.

First of all, you cannot conduct any type of investigation by committee with each of 70 people getting 5 minutes and an opposition party that has an obvious objective to disrupt, distract, and interfere in any way they can. When questions are asked by Republicans they are real questions, often interrupted by a Democrat hollering, “Rule of order” or “Time’s up” or some other disruption that is not aimed at getting an answer from the subject but more to stop a line of pertinent questioning and disrupting the questioning! When a Dem-ass asks a question that goes like this,”Mr Strzok, your emails saying you hated Donald Trump weren’t bias, were they?” …        goes to show what a total waste of time this entire debacle is! There are no consequences! The Democrats are a bunch of clowns doing everything they can to disrupt. The Republicans are trying to get questions answered and documents delivered …the FBI, lead by the new Director, is doing what they can to interfere with access to answers and documents. Why? One would believe that the new Director would want to know who broke the law and why…ie, “Get to the bottom of the FISA Court abuses, the email investigation, the Money laundering investigation, the pay to play investigation”, instead of defending something that shouldn’t be defended but rather, investigated!

Mr. President, you must be able to deduce from the complete and total circus that is being displayed by all these investigations that the only way to clean up the DOJ and FBI is to order criminal investigations by the FBI, suspend those under suspicion, fire those who deserve to be fired, stop the representation of suspended or fired personnel by FBI attorneys and sit a freaking Grand Jury!

The difference between me, as an FBI Agent, interviewing Peter Strzok and Trey Gowdy or another, very competent Congressman (Gowdy would make an excellent AG), interviewing him, is at the end of the interview I could tell Strzok,”You’re under arrest, stand up and put your hands behind your back”. Neither Mr Gowdy nor any other Congressman, Senator, Special Prosecutor can do that and Strzok and the rest know that! Put some teeth into a real investigation and the FBI ,WILL solve all the Cases in question!